Hong Jin Young Responds To Music K’s Claims And Media Reports About Contract Dispute

Hong Jin Young spoke up again about her lawsuit for contract termination with Music K Entertainment, following the agency’s response to her initial statement.

The artist shared the following post on Instagram on August 26:

Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

I’ve been so scared and nervous since my post last Friday that I don’t know how the weekend passed by. It’s hundreds of times harder than I expected to endure a situation of outrageous false claims. Without the support and sympathy of many people, I don’t think I could have survived last weekend. Thank you very much.

I’ve been working hard to not get to this point by exchanging official documents with Music K. However, as expectations were not met, it’s not surprising that Music K actively distributed press releases to media outlets.

I’ve decided to part ways with a company that I’ve been with for a long time because even when I found out that the people I trusted had deceived me, violated my contract, and committed illegal acts, they showed no regret and brazenly blamed me instead. They are using my position of disadvantage due to my job as a celebrity and giving no proper explanation for the company’s wrongdoings, instead they are trying to cover up the problem with talk that is unrelated to the essence of the issue and also stories that are far from the truth, such as about how much money I made or claims that I am trying to terminate my contract to work with my family instead. I am very shocked and appalled by this.

However, since I’ve been with this agency for a long time, I didn’t want to take legal action, so I tried to settle it amicably up until the end. So I discussed with the other side’s law firm, Shin & Kim, but now even that content is being distorted. I would like to make it clear that the stories of me doing this in order to set up an agency with my family, pushing for my sister’s exclusive contract, saying the agency will starve to death, and more are absolutely groundless.

Due to the shock of having been betrayed by the agency I trusted, I thought that it would be difficult to trust someone again and join another agency, and both sides know that if I terminated the contract, it would be difficult for the company. So I said I’m willing to not receive the payments they owe me after deceiving me even if we can’t work together anymore, and that I was willing to make a contract to help them make a minimum amount of profit if they wanted to, but they are distorting the truth as though I’m blinded by money and terminating my contract in order to make a family agency. I said that because I knew too well that the company would use the media that they have close ties with to hurt me, even though the company had clearly done wrong, and it was my last act of consideration.

I have a lot to say, but all the evidence of the agency’s wrongdoings has been submitted to the court, and I won’t elaborate further because the trial will distinguish between right and wrong. However, I state clearly that if Music K continues to spread false information through the media like this, it will be held accountable in order to protect myself and those who care about me. Please understand that we are already reviewing legal procedures for media companies that have reported false information, such as about a “family agency,” and that we will be forced to hold any others accountable for the spread of false information in the future.

I will never forget each and every one of you who sends me warm consolation and grieves with me. Thank you very, very much.

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