A Vocal Queen: 11 Times Taeyeon’s Live Performances Left Us In Awe

I doubt there is still someone out there who doesn’t know Kim Taeyeon. This graceful artist was first introduced to us as Girls’ Generation’s leader, and she continues to shine through her blooming solo career. Best known for her wide vocal range and her touching conveyance of emotions when performing, Taeyeon has mesmerized us time and time again with many breathtaking live stages. Subsequently, she leaves us always wanting more.

With her solo debut anniversary being only a few weeks away, here is a non-exhaustive selection of Taeyeon’s best live performances that completely shook us to the core!

1. “I Love You”

While we’re used to Taeyeon reaching the highest notes, listening to her soft ballads is ethereal music to our ears. Serving as the ending theme for the action drama “Athena: Goddess of War,” this soundtrack captured the hearts of many audiences both in Korea and Japan.

2. “O Holy Night”

What a divine reprise! Taeyeon’s take on this famous Christmas carol gives us those mighty holiday feels everytime we listen to it, no matter the season.

3. “I”

As you listen to Taeyeon’s “I,” you can feel that so much emotion and devotion have been invested in this captivating rendition. In fact, this is the kind of upbeat song that people can relax to!

4. “U R”

Starting with a sweet sound at first, Taeyeon’s high pitch takes the lead during the remainder of the song, leaving many utterly speechless. Talk about explosive vocals!

5. “Stress”

When she’s not pouring out her soul into a slow song, Taeyeon grooves to the beat and lets her fun aura dominate the stage. This is definitely a hit to jam to when you want to get rid of stress!

6. “Pray”

This fantastic piece is exactly what we needed from our soulful artist. Its mellow tune and reflective lyrics will take you on a journey as Taeyeon beautifully brings her self-composed work to life.

7. “Fine”

Between the melancholic lyrics and the powerful vocals, Taeyeon paints a fine piece of art through this moving stage, captivating souls with her heartfelt delivery.

8. “Feel So Fine”

If you’re looking for a song to help you get back on your feet, this majestic performance of Taeyeon’s “Feel So Fine” is all you need. Plus, her sweet smile as she sings her heart out makes it all the more comforting.

9. “Four Seasons”

Seasons come and go, and sometimes people do too. Although it’s a breakup song, Taeyeon makes sure to exclude the element of gloominess in her performance. She made this single as an anthem for fresh starts without regrets and blessed us with her honey voice while oozing confidence and glamour.

10. “Blue”

This sweet melody is the perfect cure for longing hearts that are feeling blue. Taeyeon’s dreamy voice is truly serenading and can completely lift your mood by the end of the song.

11. “Here I Am”

This is truly one of Taeyeon’s most splendid live performances. She owns the stage with her elegance and flawlessly hits every note of this empowering track.

Which of Taeyeon’s performances is your favorite pick? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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