Upcoming tvN Drama “Miss Lee” Reveals Fun Official Posters

The official posters for “Miss Lee” are here!

“Miss Lee” is an office comedy about the employees who struggle to survive at a small electronics company which is in danger of going out of business.

On August 26, the upcoming tvN drama introduced viewers to its cast via two posters.

In the first poster, the employees pose for a group photo while wearing their company jackets. The words above them say, “A strong company doesn’t endure, but a company that endures is a strong company.” It foreshadows the struggles of Chungil Electronics and the hard work of its employees.

In the second poster, the employees enjoy a picnic outdoors. Under the warm sunlight, they’re seated together and enjoying each other’s company. Lee Sun Shim (played by Girl’s Day’s Hyeri) dances joyfully in the middle while Manager Yoo Jin Woo (played by Kim Sang Kyung) sings his heart out.

Other characters — influential, passionate Goo Ji Na (played by Uhm Hyun Kyung), Park Do Joon (played by Cha Seo Won), Choi Young Ja (played by Baek Ji Won), Song Young Hoon (played by Lee Hwa Ryong), Ha Eun Woo (played by Hyun Bong Sik), Myung In Ho (played by Kim Ki Nam), and Kim Ha Na (played by Park Kyung Hye) — create a family-like atmosphere.

Hyeri and Kim Sang Kyung will play out the unique mentor-mentee relationship between the unqualified, young employee Lee Sun Shim and cranky, realistic manager Yoo Jin Wook. The two will work together to save their failing company along with Goo Ji Na and righteous adventurer Park Do Joon. They’ll also be joined by Baek Ji Won, Lee Hwa Ryong, Hyun Bong Sik, Kim Ki Nam, and Park Kyung Hae who’ll breathe life into their characters with their talented acting.

A source from the drama said, “We’re telling the story of something that could’ve happened to someone around us and about people who are more special because they’re ordinary. The realistic story and actions of Chungil Electronics family will give you laughter and warm relatability.”

“Miss Lee” premieres on September 25 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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