Staff Of “Watcher” Responds To Reports Regarding 2nd Season

Will “Watcher” return for another season?

On August 26, a source from the OCN series responded to reports about a second season. A staff member told TV Report, “It’s not the time to be discussing or deciding on season two. All of the actors and staff are currently enjoying the afterglow of the conclusion of ‘Watcher.'”

“Watcher” aired its final episode on August 25. The investigation team made up of Do Chi Kwang (played by Han Suk Kyu), Kim Young Goon (played by Seo Kang Joon), and Han Tae Joo (played by Kim Hyun Joo) succeeded at uncovering the truth behind group “Jang Society.” Even during the final episode, the drama showed that the evil acts of “Jang Society” and “Turtle” continued.

The reunion of the investigation team marked a meaningful end to the series. Many viewers praised the perfect ending and voiced their hopes for a second season.

In response, a source from the drama explained, “‘Watcher’ was a challenge of creating a new story, and not a refreshing story that encouraged good and punished evil where good and evil are clearly defined.”

They continued, “Instead of the perfect conflict of good and evil and who’s watching and being watched, we were able to show various facets of human beings thanks to writer Han Sang Woon, who perfectly showed justice, choice, and growth until the ending; the sentimental, detailed directing of director Ahn Gil Ho; and the actors who expressed all of this.”

The source added, “Thank you to viewers who stuck with our drama until the end, which raised many unfamiliar questions and several interpretations.”

“Watcher” concluded with high viewership ratings with an average of 6.6 percent and a peak of 7.3 percent. This marked the drama’s personal best ratings as well as the highest viewership ratings achieved by an OCN Original series.

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