Update: SEVENTEEN Drops Enchanting New MV Teaser For “Fear”

Updated September 14 KST:

SEVENTEEN’s second MV teaser for “Fear” has been unveiled!

Updated September 11 KST:

SEVENTEEN shared their first MV teaser for “Fear”!

Updated September 10 KST:

SEVENTEEN unveiled the highlight medley for their new album “An Ode”!

Updated September 9 KST: 

SEVENTEEN has revealed the full track list for their upcoming studio album “An Ode”!

The album will include a total of 11 songs, including the title track “Fear,” which was co-composed by Woozi and Bumzu. The song will also feature lyrics by Woozi, Mingyu, S.Coups, and Vernon.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s new track list—as well as two behind-the-scenes videos from their photo shoot for the album—below!

Updated September 8 KST: 

SEVENTEEN has dropped a group teaser for the “Real” concept version of their upcoming studio album, “An Ode.”

Updated September 7 KST:

SEVENTEEN has released new individual teasers for their return with “An Ode,” this time featuring their “Real” concept version!

Updated September 6 KST:

SEVENTEEN shared more teaser photos for their return, this time featuring a full group photo and photos of each of their units!

Updated September 5 KST:

SEVENTEEN released “Truth Ver.” teasers for their third full album!

Updated September 4 KST:

SEVENTEEN shared their “Hope Ver.” photos for “An Ode”!

Updated September 3 KST:

SEVENTEEN released their “The Poet Ver.” photos for their comeback with “An Ode”!

Updated September 2 KST:

SEVENTEEN shared a promotional schedule for their return with their third studio album.

Updated September 2 KST: 

SEVENTEEN has revealed a brief but intense comeback trailer for their third studio album, “An Ode!”

Check it out below:

Original Article: 

SEVENTEEN has shared a new teaser for their return!

On August 30 at midnight KST, the group released a new interactive teaser on their website titled “RE-READ SEVENTEEN.” The teaser features a book with the tabs “Ordinary,” “Reorganize,” “Cry Out,” “HIT,” “Trap,” “Fear,” and “and more,” with each tab opening a clip. Fans are wondering if the tabs might be hints at a track list for the album, concept ideas, versions, or something else entirely.

After releasing their digital single “HIT,” SEVENTEEN announced earlier this month that they’ll be making a comeback on September 16 with their third full album.

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