C9 Entertainment Asks Fans To Respect Trainees’ Privacy

On August 29, C9 Entertainment, which houses recent “Produce X 101” trainees Keum Dong Hyun and Lee Jae Bin, released a statement about the privacy of its trainees.

The full statement is below:

Hello. This is C9 Entertainment.

We’re releasing an announcement about a matter related to our trainees.

Recently, many fans have visited our trainees’ school, agency, practice room, dorm, and personal places, and issues have occurred including invasion of privacy.

Also, direct physical contact with trainees and delivery of gifts and letters have become frequent. Even at the request of the agency’s employees, there has been direct disobedience, and it’s not easy to control the situation.

As a result, the trainees are becoming increasingly exhausted, and it’s disrupting practice.

In relation to this matter, please refrain from visiting the agency and dorm as well as any other places that would be an invasion of privacy, following trainees during their personal travels, physical touching, and delivering letters and gifts.

We earnestly ask for the cooperation of fans for the healthy development of our trainees.

Thank you.

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