Watch: Ong Seong Wu Cringes At His Aegyo While Filming “Moments Of 18”

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Moments of 18” has released a new behind-the-scenes clip!

“Moments of 18” follows the lives of youths as they try to pursue their best lives. Ong Seong Wu takes on the role of Choi Joon Woo, and Kim Hyang Gi plays Yoo Soo Bin.

In the clip, Ong Seong Wu and Kim Hyang Gi shoot a scene in which they hide from Yoo Soo Bin’s mother (played by Kim Sun Young). They practice by hiding behind the counter, but the director tells them they can be seen and to hide again. With the director’s guidance, they are able to figure out the best hiding spot.

Kim Hyang Gi jokes that the glass of water Ong Seong Wu is holding should be filled to the brim, and Ong Seong Wu teases, “Don’t assume you’ll be safe.”

During rehearsal, Shim Yi Young (who plays Choi Joon Woo’s mother) asks her on-screen son what he’s doing at Yoo Soo Bin’s house, and he jokes, “I like this house.” Kim Hyang Gi laughs as she asks, “You were planning this all along, weren’t you?” The three of them playfully say Choi Joon Woo was only approaching Yoo Soo Bin because he wanted to live in her house.

Later, the two lead actors film a scene where Ong Seong Wu has to act cute and loving to Kim Hyang Gi. He successfully films the scene, but he immediately squeals and cringes at his acting afterwards.

During the scene where they go rollerskating, Kim Hyang Gi and Ong Seong Wu hold hands. She tells him his hands are hot, and taken aback, he immediately checks his temperature by placing his hands on neck. Ong Seong Wu playfully kids, “I’m always hot,” and Kim Hyang Gi quips, “I sweat a lot.”

Watch the full making video below!

Watch the latest episode of “Moments of 18” with English subtitles below!

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