Watch: Kim Jae Hwan Delivers Emotional Cover Of Lim Chang Jung’s “Love Again” On “Immortal Songs”

On August 31, KBS’s “Immortal Songs” kicked off their Lim Chang Jung special with Jung Yu Ji, Son Seung Yeon, Huh Gak, Kim Jae Hwan, CLC, and Monday Kiz as guest performers.

Kim Jae Hwan was the fourth to perform in the lineup and chose the song “Love Again.” He said, “I sang this song a lot at karaoke. [Lim Chang Jung’s] songs are very high and difficult, as expected, but I worked hard and I hope that many people can be moved by my song.”

In the waiting room interview before his performance, host Kim Tae Woo commented that the top three most viewed videos from “Immortal Songs” were all Kim Jae Hwan’s performances.

Kim Jae Hwan also shared that he has a previous connection to Lim Chang Jung, as the veteran singer had produced Kim Jae Hwan’s debut track, “Begin Again.” Kim Jae Hwan was asked to sing a bit of the song but ended up laughing in the middle. When asked why, he said, “I suddenly thought this song sounds really similar to the song I’m going to perform today.”


Although Kim Jae Hwan succeeded at putting his own spin on the beloved song, he lost the round to Huh Gak. Huh Gak, who was third in the lineup and performed Lim Chang Jung’s signature track, “A Cup of Soju,” ended up defeating every singer who came after him to take the final win with a score of 406 points.

Watch Kim Jae Hwan’s performance of “Love Again” below!

Check out an episode of “Immortal Songs” here!

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