Serri Says Dal Shabet Has Not Disbanded + Talks About Future Solo And Group Promotions

Dal Shabet’s Serri discussed her career and her ongoing friendship with her groupmates with BNT International.

In the pictorial, the girl group member showcased her many charms through luxurious, innocent, and sexy concepts.

In the accompanying interview, Serri updated fans on what she’s been up to. She began, “I’m showing various content such as beauty tips, vlogs, and stories from promoting as a girl group on my personal YouTube channel ‘Serri Day.'”

She continued, “Many people are curious as to whether or not Dal Shabet has disbanded. Dal Shabet isn’t promoting, but we haven’t disbanded. Since we know more about each other’s circumstances than anyone else, we’re cheering each other on even more affectionately and continuing our friendship. We dream of being together again one day like Fin.K.L.”

She then confessed that she’s getting ready to open a Dal Shabet gallery. She explained, “It’s my first time revealing this. I’m currently planning a gallery exhibit where all six members including the ones who left the group will get together for a photo exhibit. There will be a concert once a week. Please keep an eye on it and see if it’ll be executed well.”

“When I was in middle school, I created a dance team and participated in competitions,” said Serri about her past. “We received the Grand Prize at a national competition. I also taught the members how to dance during Dal Shabet promotions. I think I had leadership skills since I was young.”

Serri recently turned 30 by Korean reckoning. About the secrets behind her beauty, Serri replied, “I take care [of my skin] at home by using one face mask a day. I also recommend going to the dermatologist. The skills of an expert are definitely different. It’s good to invest once in a while.”

She added, “Exercising is my hobby. I do various exercises and switch back and forth between personal training at the gym, yoga, pilates, running, and cycling.”

When asked about dating, Serri stated, “I don’t have thoughts about dating yet. Since I’ve entered [my 30s], it’s an important stage in my life. It’s more important for me to worry about my career and the direction of my future.”

She concluded, “I started YouTube because I felt like I hadn’t shown a lot of myself. Since videos last forever, I feel a great deal of satisfaction. I can create anything as a one-person media creator, so there’s a lot for me to learn.”

Describing her future promotions, Serri stated, “I plan to show distinguished promotions in MCN [multi-channel platforms] and actively promote in music as well. I want to do a good job of paving the way to help people who also want to become one-person media creators after wrapping up [idol] promotions.”

Check out more photos of Serri below:

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