Jung Hae In Opens Up About Insecurities As An Actor

Jung Hae In spoke candidly about the struggles he has experienced as an actor and showed his affection for his house party guests on MBC’s “Funding Together.”

On the September 1 broadcast of the show, Jung Hae In joined comedian Noh Hong Chul in throwing an intimate get-together with a group of guests. During the conversation, the guests began to share their concerns about their goals and careers. Among them were a 24-year-old architecture student who expressed his worries about not having enough qualifications as he enters graduate school and a 25-year-old exam taker who was having second thoughts about his path.

While listening to these stories, Jung Hae In said, “There are times that I’m so exhausted that I don’t even have an appetite. During those times, I also feel very disoriented.” Along with these moments of empathy, he approached the guests with kindness, creating a group chatroom with himself included and even making everyone tomato stew at 4 a.m.

Over their late-night meal, one of the guests asked Jung Hae In, “How do you overcome the times you feel helpless?” and he answered, “I eat delicious food.”

The actor then opened up more about his own struggles, saying, “Honestly, there are a lot of times that I feel lonely while acting. Even though I’m doing something that I enjoy, I approach different works and become fearful while thinking, ‘How do I need to act in this project?’ There are many moments when I think I have what it takes, but then [my confidence] shatters. If you don’t put your all into it, it’s hard to survive. That’s why I’m doing my upmost while being fearful.”

He continued, “Since I’m in a line of work where you are on display and judged, there are times that I become exhausted and just want to hide. I’m afraid of meeting people. I actually read all the comments about me. It stresses me out because I’m working so hard to receive love from other people.”

Jung Hae In conveyed his gratitude for the gathering in giving him a moment to rest, saying, “I haven’t had a proper break after finishing my drama ‘One Spring Night,’ but I feel like I’ve rested fully today. Although I can’t relate to everything you all have said, I’ve found comfort in listening to your thoughts and finding the areas where we feel the same. This moment has been really precious to me, and I feel really happy.”

He added, “We don’t really have these kinds of conversations among actors. We can’t express our inner thoughts. This was a new experience for me, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. If this gathering happens again, I definitely think I’ll go.”

Finally, Jung Hae In created a warm conclusion by stating, “Through this get-together, I felt that I’m still a person of worth. There were a lot of times that I’ve wavered, but after receiving comfort, my self-esteem has grown stronger.”

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