Watch: Shin Sung Rok And Cast Of “Master In The House” Transform Into Dancing Kings In New Preview

Shin Sung Rok will be making a special appearance on next week’s episode of “Master in the House”!

On September 1, viewers got a peek of the cast preparing to take the stage. Lee Seung Gi begins, “You get a great amount of concentration. Concentration. Look at that concentration. It’s amazing.” As Lee Seung Gi points to someone off-screen, the camera zooms out to reveal Lee Sang Yoon holding up a mop on the other side of the practice room.

Shin Sung Rok surprises the cast as the special guest for the day. Despite describing an actor as someone who expresses emotions with his eyes, he proves to be quite talkative and becomes a new kind of variety show character.

The members then excitedly cheer as they watch a mysterious master performing on stage. Their smiles disappear, however, when the master reveals they have to do be on stage the next day.

Shin Sung Rok and the cast take on the mission and practice dancing. “Is this really possible?” asks Lee Seung Gi as everyone continues to work hard towards their goal.

Lee Sang Yoon’s moves make the staff burst into laughter and Shin Sung Rok says, “I think we might have to give up this mission.”

Catch this episode of “Master in the House” when it airs on September 8 at 6:25 p.m. KST.

Check out the preview below:

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