Watch: Gun Hoo And Na Eun Find Healthy Ways To Relieve Stress On “The Return Of Superman”

Na Eun and Gun Hoo strengthened their sibling bond on “The Return of Superman”!

On the September 1 episode, Na Eun and Gun Hoo attended an anger-venting play class with their dad Park Joo Ho.

Park Joo Ho explained, “It seemed like Gun Hoo had built up stress because he can’t communicate through speaking, so we came to this class.”

Gun Hoo danced to the music to take out his anger. He clapped along and showed off his moves, and babbled when the song turned off. He set out to turn the music back on, but Na Eun held him back. He found his shoes, but took out his frustrations on them when he couldn’t put them back on.

The children then scared away the “anger monster” in the sandbag. Na Eun and Gun Hoo put on boxing gloves and threw their best punches at the sandbag, then used a wooden hammer to crush eggshells. They followed this up with a laughing exercise to laugh away anger.

Outside, they threw water balloons at the “anger monster.” Gun Hoo saw how much fun Na Eun was having, and stepped into the “anger monster” box so she could continue throwing water balloons, and burst into laughter together.

Na Eun also got the chance to speak her mind through a microphone. When asked what she wanted to say to Gun Hoo, she said, “Gun Hoo! Listen to me well. I feel frustrated.” He heard her voice from the other side of the park and reacted in surprise.

She continued, “Gun Hoo, do you like your older sister or not? I like Gun Hoo. Let’s get along well! I love you!” Hearing this, Gun Hoo ran towards Na Eun and she showered her younger brother with hugs and kisses.

The siblings and their dad headed to a jjimjilbang (Korean sauna). After sweating in a hot room, they went to a cold room to cool off and snacked on boiled eggs.

Na Eun went to the snack bar to run an errand on behalf of her father, and also generously ordered 10 rice drinks and 10 bowls of eggs for the cameramen. She then gave the key to Gun Hoo, who proceeded to use it to pay for various rides and massage machines.

After their refreshing visit to the sauna, the family headed out. Park Joo Ho went to the cashier to pay the bill and was in disbelief when he heard the total of 107,800 won (approximately $89). When he saw the bill and asked Na Eun why she bought so many rice drinks, she explained she bought it for the cameramen. He asked the cameramen if they enjoyed it, and Park Joo Ho said, “I was able to buy it for them thanks to Na Eun.”

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