IU Shares Sweet Messages To “Hotel Del Luna” Characters With Final Instagram Posts As Jang Man Wol

With the finale of “Hotel Del Luna” having achieved its personal best in ratings, IU bid her farewell to the drama as Jang Man Wol!

Earlier in July, IU wittily created an Instagram account for her “Hotel Del Luna” character Jang Man Wol that proved to be popular among the drama’s fans.

Recently, she took a group photo with the hotel crew that includes Block B’s P.O, Yeo Jin Goo, Shin Jung Geun, and Bae Hae Sun. She wrote, “So whatever it is, it’s a happy ending. Our summer nights were sadly beautiful.”

IU also posed sweetly with her co-star Yeo Jin Goo in a picture with a caption that said, “May you love again after waking up from your summer night dream. May you continue to live after yesterday’s moon sets and dry morning comes.”

IU additionally shared photos of herself on the bridge where her character Jang Man Wol said good-bye to Go Chun Myung (played by Lee Do Hyun) along with the simple but meaningful words, “And this has been Jang Man Wol.”

Check out her posts for each of the actors below!

For David Lee who played an evil ghost, she tagged him with the words “Seol Ji Won” and “a quite cute ghost.”

IU posted photos of Kang Hong Seok with the hashtags “he’s a nice guy” and “thank you, my longest friend.”

Jo Hyun Chul posed with a big grin, and IU affectionately tagged him as, “Our foolish Sanchez.”

IU cutely threatened Park Yoo Na with the hashtag, “You know what will happen if you make Yeon Woo [Lee Tae Sun] cry.”

IU sincerely wished for Yeon Woo’s happiness in her post for Lee Tae Sun.

For Lee Do Hyun, she described his photo with the hashtag, “Mean first love.”

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IU also posted a cute photo of gugudan’s Mina and wished that she would live a happy life as Jung Soo Jung.

IU posed with a humorous grimace with Seo Yi Sook who played the divine Ma Go.

She dotingly called P.O her “frontman.”

IU thanked Bae Hae Sun with a cute photo of the older actress.

She also shared a photo of the humorous bartender Kim Seon Bi (Scholar Kim) played by Shin Jung Geun.

Last but not least, IU posted as Jang Man Wol to say her final words to Yeo Jin Goo’s character with the hashtag, “I’m sorry, I love you, Goo Chan Sung.”

Watch the final episode of “Hotel Del Luna” below!

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