Update: DreamCatcher Stuns With Dramatic MV For “Deja Vu” Comeback

Updated September 18 KST:

DreamCatcher has made their much-anticipated return!

On September 18 at 6 p.m. KST, the girl group released their mini album “Raid of Dream” along with the music video for the title trck.

“Deja Vu” expresses a promise to do everything possible to protect someone. The song has beautiful piano sounds with powerful orchestration and metal sounds.

Check out the music video below:

Updated September 17 KST:

DreamCatcher has revealed a music video teaser for their upcoming track “Deja Vu”!

Check out how regal DreamCatcher looks in the teaser below:

Updated September 16 KST:

DreamCatcher has released a preview of the choreography for “Deja Vu” from their upcoming “Raid of Dream”!

Check it out below:

Updated September 14 KST:

DreamCatcher has shared the highlight medley for their upcoming mini album “Raid of Dream.” Check it out below!

Updated September 13 KST:

DreamCatcher has shared spoilers for the lyrics of “Deja Vu.” They read, “As long as I am alive and breathing, I can’t ever let you go. We will be together in every moment, don’t get any further away from my side.”

Check it out below!

Updated September 12 KST:

DreamCatcher has now released a teaser for “Deja Vu,” check it out below!

Updated September 11 KST:

DreamCatcher has unveiled a stunning new group teaser for their upcoming comeback with “Raid of Dream”!

Updated September 10 at 6 p.m. KST:

New individual teaser images were revealed for DreamCatcher’s upcoming special mini album “Raid of Dream”!

Check them out below:

Updated September 10 KST:

DreamCatcher’s new comeback will be a collaboration with the mobile game King’s Raid!

On September 9, DreamCatcher Company revealed a new teaser image with two moons of different colors. The text, “DreamCatcher X King’s Raid,” hinted at a special collaboration.

On September 10, a source from DreamCatcher Company shared, “[The game] has many similarities with DreamCatcher in that it was released in 2017, has a unique universe, and caused a great sensation in both domestic and global markets. Therefore, we are confident that this collaboration will create a greater synergy in the music and game markets.”

A source from Vespa, the gaming company that produced King’s Raid, also said, “It is a collaboration project that began as a novel combination of games and another form of culture. We ask for you interest in this collaboration project between King’s Raid, a mobile RPG with an unexpected storyline, and DreamCatcher, who has built a unique fantasy universe with their albums.”

DreamCatcher’s special mini album will be released on September 18. Until then, various teaser images and videos will be unveiled one by one.

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Updated September 6 KST:

DreamCatcher has released a regal group teaser image ahead of their upcoming comeback.

Check it out below!

Updated September 5 KST:

The first set of individual teaser images has been revealed for DreamCatcher’s upcoming comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated September 4 KST:

DreamCatcher has confirmed their comeback date!

The group’s special mini album “Raid of Dream” is set to be released on September 18.

Check out the teaser schedule below:

Updated September 3 KST:

DreamCatcher shared a new mystery code for their return! The teaser features the text “Dream of dream, story of the dream. Just only one darkened castle. Nightmare raid for verifying eternal existence. Now, is the time.” In the video, the words “Nightmare” and “Now” are then crossed out in red.

Original Article:

DreamCatcher appears to be gearing up for something new!

On September 2, the group released a teaser photo via Instagram in several parts. It was shared with the caption, “Mystery Code #01.” Since DreamCatcher usually begins previewing their comeback with Mystery Code teasers, many fans are excited about the prospect of a comeback from the group!

Some fans have even spotted a potential clue within the teaser, as it appears that it may hint at the date September 18, 2019.

DreamCatcher most recently made a Korean comeback with “PIRI” in February.

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