Kang Ji Hwan Admits To All Charges While Questioning Parts Of Evidence At 1st Trial For Sexual Assault Case

During his first trial, Kang Ji Hwan admitted to charges of quasi-rape and quasi-indecent acts by force on two women.

On September 2, Kang Ji Hwan’s first trial for charges of quasi-rape and quasi-indecent acts by force on two women was held at the Suwon District Court. The actor was apprehended by the police at his home in Gwangju on July 9 for suspicions of sexually assaulting and committing indecent assault on two female staff members while they were sleeping.

During the trial, Kang Ji Hwan’s lawyer stated, “The defendant admits to the overall facts that were presented by the prosecution and deeply reflects on his mistakes. The defendant himself is very afraid and unsure of how he should apologize to and comfort the victims who received a lot of pain.” The lawyer continued, “With his apologetic and remorseful feelings, he will do his best so that the victims’ pain will be lessened at least a little bit.”

The actor’s lawyer also stated to the lawyer of the victims, “Please let the victims know about his feelings, and we sincerely ask that the defendant gets the chance to compensate the victims as best as he can.”

The lawyer also stated, “While the defendant is ashamed of himself, he does not clearly remember most of his own actions. The fact that he does not remember what happened at the time remains consistent from his arrest to police questioning.” The lawyer concluded, “Following his indictment, he looked over the recorded evidence along with a lawyer several times, but he can’t remember parts to the point that he even feels unfamiliar with and surprised by himself.”

While Kang Ji Hwan admitted to the facts that were presented by the prosecution as evidence to the charges, he did not admit to some parts of the evidence that were listed on the report drawn by the police. The actor’s lawyer said, “While he admits to the facts charged against him, there are some parts of the evidence that do not correspond with the facts or are logically hard to accept. As this carries an important meaning when it comes to punishment, we would like to go over it.”

Park Ji Hoon, the lawyer of the victims, stated during the trial, “Both victims are currently receiving psychiatric treatment and were diagnosed with potential post-traumatic stress disorder due to extreme depression and stress.”

After the trial, lawyer Park Ji Hoon continued to state to the press, “It is true that former legal representatives of Kang Ji Hwan offered settlement the day before he was interrogated by the court for the determination of the validity of his arrest warrant.” He continued, “We cannot consider a settlement when they are being calledkkotbaem‘ (women who take advantage of men using seduction) and Kang Ji Hwan hadn’t even admitted to the facts charged. This remains the same now.”

Kang Ji Hwan initially argued that he did not remember anything due to having been drunk, but after an arrest warrant was officially issued, Kang Ji Hwan admitted to all charges and apologized in an official statement. The actor was starring in TV Chosun’s “Joseon Survival” as its main character, and he was replaced by Seo Ji Suk following arrest.

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