3 Questions Left To Be Answered In “Doctor John” Finale

SBS’s “Doctor John” has just two episodes left in its run!

“Doctor John” stars Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung, Hwang Hee, Jung Min Ah, Kim Hye Eun, Shin Dong Mi, and more in a story about anesthesiologists who try to find the causes behind their patients’ mysterious chronic pain.


In last week’s broadcast, viewers were shocked to see the death of Lee Gi Suk (Yoon Chan Young), who suffers from congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) like Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung). Cha Yo Han had moved him to a gurney to bring him to the operating room when Lee Gi Suk’s condition suddenly grew worse, prompting Cha Yo Han to desperately attempt CPR. In the end, Lee Gi Suk did not regain consciousness and eventually his mother asked Cha Yo Han to stop attempts at resuscitation.

With just two episodes left to resolve the storyline, here are three questions to keep an eye on:

Will Cha Yo Han leave for the United States?

In recent episodes, Cha Yo Han experienced several unfortunate incidents that drew the sympathy of viewers. The fact that he suffers from CIPA was exposed to everyone through the hospital’s bulletin board and he was excluded from all medical procedures. (CIPA is a rare genetic disorder that prevents a patient from feeling pain.) Because CIPA includes anhidrosis, the inability to sweat normally, Cha Yo Han also ended up overheating on a hot day and lost consciousness.

In order to make the best of his condition, Cha Yo Han applied to a Cleveland research center that studies patients with CIPA to come up with better pain management treatments. After receiving a positive reply from the research center, Cha Yo Han took a call from Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young) and ended up shedding tears. When Son Suk Gi (Lee Kyu Hyung) expressed regret for the message on the hospital board that exposed Cha Yo Han’s condition, Cha Yo Han replied mysteriously, “It doesn’t matter.”

How will Kang Si Young and Cha Yo Han’s love story end?

When Kang Si Young discovered that Cha Yo Han’s condition had been exposed to the whole hospital, she sought him out and shed tears of sympathy for him, not even noticing the injuries on her own hands from tripping while running. Although Cha Yo Han comforted her, the sudden end to the phone call prompted Kang Si Young to send an ambulance to his location. Her despair was obvious when the paramedic said that he didn’t know the patient’s condition, and she sought Cha Yo Han out in the emergency room and stayed by his side.

In another phone call, Kang Si Young told Cha Yo Han that she wanted to live a long and healthy life with the person she loves. While Kang Si Young’s deep respect and affection for Cha Yo Han is evident, it is less clear how their romance will end, particularly with Cha Yo Han’s future at the hospital still up in the air.

Will Son Suk Gi receive treatment from his former enemy?

When Son Suk Gi expressed his rage that Cha Yo Han dared speak on behalf of his patients’ feelings when Cha Yo Han himself could not feel pain, Cha Yo Han replied that the only people who could dispute his qualifications were his patients. Son Suk Gi, realizing that Cha Yo Han puts his patients above everything else, began to look at Cha Yo Han differently.

Cha Yo Han also praised Son Suk Gi’s persistence when he asked him to arrest Lee Won Gil (Yoon Joo Sang) for his connection to the drug Cherubim. Lee Won Gil eventually chose death in the form of Cherubim rather than live with his chronic pain, and Son Suk Gi asked Cha Yo Han why he rejects Cherubim. Cha Yo Han replied that if there was a drug like Cherubim freely available, then patients and doctors would lose hope far too easily. They wouldn’t look hard for answers or think carefully about what they wanted to do with their lives.

The Cherubim case has changed the relationship between Cha Yo Han and Son Suk Gi, but can the prosecutor let down his guard enough to let Cha Yo Han treat the pain he suffers from his third-stage stomach cancer?

“Doctor John” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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