X1 Reveals Most Talkative Member In Group Chat, Reaction To Their Popularity, And More

X1 talked about their popularity and more on the September 6 episode of SBS Radio Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”!

On the show, the topic of X1’s massive success right out of the gate was brought up, including becoming half-million sellers with their first mini album and taking No. 1 on 19 international iTunes charts.

Cho Seung Youn was surprised and said, “I’d heard that we came in first, but this is the first time I’m hearing how many regions it was.” The members then clapped and celebrated.

On whether or not their popularity feels real, Cho Seung Youn said, “To be honest, since we debuted through a show, during the month of preparations before our debut our company staff would tell us ‘You’re very popular.’ At the time it didn’t feel real, but while going on music shows after our debut, I think it’s sinking in.”

Leader Han Seung Woo said, “While we’ve been promoting, I’ve felt like we’re receiving a lot of love. Rather than feeling pressured, I want to definitely give back in turn for what we’ve received from them.” Lee Eun Sang added, “I’ve been thinking a lot that we need to give back to our fans by showing them a cool side of us.”

The members also named Cha Jun Ho as the most talkative in their group chat. He said, “I write messages even though no one replies. But no one really reads our group chat. Cho Seung Youn also shares a lot of photos. He just takes photos of the members sleeping and shares them.”

Kim Woo Seok explained, “We’re always together so we can just say something out loud, so I think I’ve forgotten that the group chat exists.” He joked, “There are probably people who haven’t even read it once,” and he also said that Cha Jun Ho and Cho Seung Youn have a lot of funny conversations in the chat room.

X1 was also asked to name specific points about themselves that people could remember them by. Han Seung Woo said he’s an arctic fox, and Lee Eun Sang said the laugh lines on his face are his charming point. Nam Do Hyon named the fat on his cheeks, Kang Min Hee said he’s the coolest of the group, Kim Woo Seok described himself as a fennec fox, and Lee Han Gyul said that his nickname is tyrannosaurus rex.

Kim Yo Han said, “People tell me that I have bunny-like features” and said he thinks the mole on his forehead is a charming point. Son Dong Pyo said that his unique characteristic is that he’s the shortest, Song Hyeong Jun described how his eyes are big while his nose is small, Cho Seung Youn named his asymmetric eyes, and Cha Jun Ho described his square shoulders and sharp jawline.

X1 made their debut on August 27 with the mini album “Quantum Leap” and are currently promoting their title track “Flash.

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