Watch: Shin Sung Rok And “Master In The House” Cast Take On Street Dancing And Ballroom Dancing

On the September 8 episode of SBS’s “Master in the House,” Shin Sung Rok appeared as a special guest to receive dancing lessons along with the rest of the cast.

Shin Sung Rok has previously worked with Lee Seung Gi in the upcoming drama “Vagabond” and with Lee Sang Yoon in “Liar Game” and “On the Way to the Airport.”

The two “masters” for the episode were Park Ji Woo, a dancesport athlete, and J-Black, a hip hop dancer and choreographer. (Dancesport is the competitive form of ballroom dancing.)

After the masters made their appearance, Shin Sung Rok and the cast were shocked to learn that they had to learn both street dancing and ballroom dancing in a single day in order to participate in a college dance club workshop the next day.

Lee Sang Yoon was particularly concerned, as he was already well-known on the show to be extremely clumsy at dancing. Shin Sung Rok, on the other hand, surprised everyone with his stable rhythm and fluid movements. The cast and their guest then faced off in a “dance battle” and showcased the skills they had learned thus far.

The cast and Shin Sung Rok also went to the masters’ studios to continue to work on their skills. Shin Sung Rok, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Sang Yoon took on the challenge of learning the paso doble, while Yook Sungjae and Yang Se Hyung perfected a hip hop routine with J-Black.

While learning the paso doble, Shin Sung Rok issued a challenge to Park Ji Woo by saying, “I think when it comes to facial expressions, the three of us are better. Our job is about expressing things with our faces after all.”

Park Ji Woo then challenged them to express themselves through a dance duet with a female partner. While Lee Sang Yoon continued to struggle with the physicality of performing dance, he surprised the whole studio and even his partner with his passionate acting and strong gaze.

Shin Sung Rok’s appearance on the show will continue in next week’s episode.

Check out an episode of “Master in the House” below!

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