Kan Mi Yeon And Hwang Ba Wool To Get Married

After three years of dating, singer Kan Mi Yeon and musical actor Hwang Ba Wool are getting married!

Amid reports that they will hold a private wedding ceremony on November 9 at a church in Seoul, Kan Mi Yeon’s agency stated they would release an official report after confirming the news.

After checking, Dream Stone Entertainment shared the following statement:

Hello, Kan Mi Yeon from Dream Stone Entertainment has decided to hold a wedding ceremony at Dong Soong Church in Seoul on November 9.

Kan Mi Yeon has been active in musicals and dramas and has recently taken her first step as a film actor after being cast in the movie ‘Yoga Academy’ [literal translation].

Please give them many blessings as it’s a wedding that will be for the beautiful result of a long relationship.

The groom is a musical and theater actor who is three years younger than her, and we ask you to be considerate and refrain from making speculative articles.

Please give them your generous support so that they can make a beautiful start amid the interest and love of many people.

Thank you.

Kan Mi Yeon debuted as a member of Baby V.O.X in 1997 and has been active as a solo artist since 2006. Her fiancé Hwang Ba Wool debuted in 2006 as a host of SBS’s “Viva! Freeze” and has worked on various broadcasting programs and musicals ever since.

Congratulations to the couple!

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