U-KISS's Jun On Friendship With Kim Woo Seok, Why He Stopped Trying To Juggle Being An Actor And Idol At Once, And More

U-KISS’s Jun talked about his career, friends, and more in an interview with Newsen!

After making his debut as a member of U-KISS in 2014, Jun began his acting career in 2017 and has since appeared in variety shows and dramas including “Goodbye to Goodbye” and “Mr. Temporary.”

Newsen described how Jun is a rare case because he’s an idol-turned-actor who has been receiving many positive reviews ever since his acting debut. Jun said, “There was a lot of pressure because of the good response ever since I started.”

“I think starting with this year, I haven’t been feeling that pressure,” he continued. “This year seems like it will be a really unforgettable year for me. In addition to the drama, I also did my first Korean musical ‘Swag Age: Shout Out, Joseon!’ and I was able to break through my own limits. I learned a lot about acting from doing the musical, and I had fun using that while filming ‘Mr. Temporary.’ I’ve always been lucky to have good people around me. Before I did the musical, I was sure that people would be prejudiced against me because I started out as an idol. It’s inevitable that wherever I go, I’ll be called an idol-turned-actor, but the people around me accepted me as I am without that kind of prejudice.”

“Thanks to them, I was able to show who I really am without holding anything back, and I was able to do it without regrets,” Jun said. “The construction of my character, whether it’s in a drama or a musical, isn’t something I did on my own. I think I was able to do it because of the many cast and crew members who helped me.”

Jun has also taken on the challenge of appearing in variety shows, including “Law of the Jungle” and the upcoming show “Sister’s Salon.” He shared that while he’s been active in many different fields, he doesn’t want to be more ambitious.

“It’s because I once was ambitious and wasn’t able to achieve a good result,” he explained. “When I was promoting with UNB, I tried to take on both being a singer and actor at once, but I felt my limitations both physically and mentally. This made me let go of some of that ambition, and it’s made me decide that no matter what opportunity comes in, I should work hard at what I can do well.”

Jun also shared that he’s scared of variety shows because he’s not confident that he can do well, although he likes watching the shows himself. “I think that people who are good at variety are really amazing,” he said. “I was worried too before I started filming ‘Sister’s Salon’ but Jo Se Ho took care of me so I was really grateful.”

When asked what he does while taking a break, Jun shared that he relieves stress by meeting up with close friends for meals, gaming, and exercising. “I’m close with [BIGSTAR and UNB’s] Feeldog and Hak Jin,” he said. “[UP10TION and X1’s] Kim Woo Seok and I really click too. When we meet up, we can even spend four hours talking. We’ll meet at a cafe and chat for a long time. I also meet with my friends for meals and go shopping.”

After ending “Mr. Temporary,” Jun has now begun filming for the drama “Good Casting,” which will premiere in November. In addition, he’s also planning to make a comeback as a solo artist around next year. “I’m working on songs myself so I want to release a digital single and continue being a singer,” he said. He shared that he has 12 songs he’s working on and two that are finished.

“For right now, I want to just focus on acting,” he added. “I’ll finish up with the opportunities I’ve been given and then prepare for my comeback as a singer.”

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