Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Opens Up About Dealing With Scoliosis, Auditioning For US Acting Roles, And More

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany sat down for an interview with Hankook Ilbo after the release of her recent single “Magnetic Moon” and her “Open Hearts Eve” concert last month in Seoul.

After making her debut in 2007 with Girls’ Generation, the group recently celebrated their 12th anniversary.

“As a girl group, our 10th anniversary was meaningful too, but even two years after that we still reach out for each other first and the atmosphere between us is so good,” said Tiffany. “We cherish and respect each other so much that after we finished our 10th anniversary album and we had our contract renewals coming up, we talked a lot about things such as asking each other what we wanted to do as the person Tiffany or the person YoonA. I wanted to go to acting school and try breaking into the U.S. market, and the members knew about that dream.”

She shared that she’s been able to take on the challenge thanks to all the support she received and added, “I met with the members a few days ago and YoonA said to me, ‘Why do I feel like I just saw you yesterday?'” She laughed and said, “It’s really great how we never change.”

When asked if this is something they’ve been able to achieve because they all have good personalities, Tiffany replied, “We’re all honest. We fight too.” She laughed as she said, “We became well known for that. How could sisters not fight? But the eight of us are really close. When we got together for my birthday, that energy was conveyed through just a single photo and I was grateful for that, and it made me think that we need to show ourselves often as a full group.”

Tiffany was also asked about going on auditions for acting roles in the United States. “I’m steadily receiving scripts for auditions through my agency,” she said. “There was an acting offer I received recently that was almost at the point of it being confirmed. I was happy over it like it was a college acceptance letter. The offer said, ‘It’s a role that would be a perfect fit for Tiffany,’ but when I did the camera test they said I looked too young. A project that I believed was all set also fell through, and there’s a lot of times when I feel frustrated.”

The singer shared that because she knew she’d fall into a slump if she became upset and disappointed, she headed to the music studio instead. “Music is still the space where I work through my feelings,” she said.

On the topic of what her dreams and goals are in life, Tiffany answered, “I want to become a timeless artist. Someone that won’t be forgotten.”

She also said, “Actually, I have scoliosis [a curvature of the spine], but I shared that for the first time after my promotions. That pain and weakness became strengths for me. I practiced twice as much as other people, took care of my health, and became a bit obsessed with fashion.” She laughed and said, “It was to cover that up.” She commented that one of her goals is therefore to share her experiences and help young people as they pursue their own dreams.

The interviewer mentioned to Tiffany that it seems like it would be difficult to overcome scoliosis. She said, “Rather than thinking ‘I shouldn’t let other people know about my pain,’ I think the opposite, which is ‘I’m who I am today because I’ve overcome scoliosis.’ I also want to help young people with this if I can. There are a lot of people who are athletes, ballerinas, or models too that suffer because of scoliosis. But there isn’t much awareness about this.”

Tiffany went on to say, “When I was younger, I was told [by a doctor] that it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to debut. I said then, ‘No. I’m okay. I’m going to manage this and do better.’ I adjusted everything about myself, like my body, my health, and even how I breathe and stand.”

Tiffany also shared what her fans mean to her. “When I was doing an interview in America, I said that when I needed a family and a home, my members and music were there for me. In particular, my fans became my heart’s home. They made a roof over my head and seem to be always protecting and cherishing me. Now in the opposite way, I want to protect them and do greater things for them. We have a warm relationship.”

“If I say, ‘You know just by seeing the look in my eyes, right?’ then they say ‘I know,'” she continued. “My members and my fans are like family to me. They really know what my condition’s like just by looking at my eyes. I’m so grateful and I just hope that we won’t disappoint each other. I also want to be someone who continues to improve and grow.”

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