Ong Seong Wu, Kim Hyang Gi, ASTRO’s Moonbin, And More Bid Farewell To “Moments Of 18”

JTBC’s “Moments of 18” has come to an end.

On September 10, the cast members shared their thoughts as the series aired its final episode.

“Moments of 18” explored the lives of 18-year-olds that are precarious and awkward, but also beautiful and full of growth.

Ong Seong Wu showed his potential as an actor by portraying the lead character Choi Jun Woo. He began, “Hello, this is Ong Seong Wu. I met Jun Woo in spring, spent the summer with him, and the time has now come for me to send Jun Woo away at the brink of fall.”

He continued, “To be honest, I remember being very lacking and embarrassed while appearing in my first project. However, looking back with the finale approaching, I’m relieved and grateful that I’m able to feel my shortcomings and embarrassment. Like how Jun Woo was able to grow through these emotions, I gained hope that I’d also be able to grow. And I was so happy I was able to meet good people through this project. I’m going to continue to remember this moment in the future and all of the people I worked with.”

He concluded, “Thank you so much to the viewers who loved ‘Moments of 18’ and Jun Woo. Finally, thank you to everyone, including my ‘Moments of 18’ family and my fans ‘WELO,’ who will become the driving force behind my new beginning. I’ll work hard and return with an improved appearance. Please look forward to it. Thank you.”

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Kim Hyang Gi transformed into Choi Soo Bin, who many viewers related to as an average 18-year-old girl. She said, “Thank you to the viewers who stayed with ‘Moments of 18.’ I’ll remember having fun while filming the most. I’ve gained another valuable ’18th’ memory.”

Shin Seung Ho, who appeared as Ma Hwi Young, stated, “It seems like yesterday when filming began, and I feel sad that it’s already the end. My heart felt full during every moment as Hwi Young and as an actor while being with ‘Moments of 18.’ I was happier and had more fun because I was with a good director, writer, and all of the staff and actors. More than anything, thank you to the viewers who showed lots of love and support.”

Kang Ki Young portrayed homeroom teacher Oh Han Kyul, who filled the drama with his warm charms and fun energy. “I sincerely thank the viewers who loved ‘Moments of 18’ until now,” said the actor. “I also want to thank the director and writer for allowing me to play Oh Han Kyul, and the Chunbong High School students who allowed me to grow alongside teacher Han Kyul.”

He added, “I realized that in the end, adults and children are in the process of growing together. I’ll cheer on all of the teachers on this earth and all of the 18-year-olds who are growing together.”

ASTRO’s Moonbin shared photos from the set. He wrote, “I was happy,” and added hashtags, “ASTRO,” “Moonbin,” “Moments of 18,” and the name of his character “Jung Oh Je.”

Along with selfies with his co-stars, Moonbin wrote, “Unforgettable moments in my life.”

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