Girl Group Matilda Announces Disbandment

Matilda has officially disbanded.

On September 11, a source from their agency Box Media Entertainment stated to Star News, “Matilda is disbanding. All members’ contracts have expired.”

Members Semmi and Dan-A previously revealed that their contracts with the agency had expired, and Sebyul and Haena have also taken to their Instagram accounts to announce their departure from the agency.

Below is Saebyul’s handwritten letter:

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안녕하세요 새별입니다 먼저 우리 팬들에게 안타까운 소식을 들려드려야 한다는 것이 저에게 제일 힘든 일인 것같습니다. 많은 고민 끝에 회사와의 계약을 종료하게 되었습니다. 저의 가수라는 꿈을 이룰 수 있게 해준 박스미디어와 멤버언니들 팬 여러분들 정말 감사드립니다. 저에게 항상 큰 감동과 과분한 사랑을 주신 팬 여러분들 덕분에 정말 행복했습니다. 부족한 점이 많았던 막내 이끌어주느라 고생한 언니들에게 너무 고생많았고 고맙다고 얘기하고 싶습니다. 머지않아 더 멋있는 모습으로 당당하게 여러분들 앞에 서겠다고 약속하겠습니다. 지금까지 많은 사랑주셔서 감사합니다.

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Hello, this is Saebyul.

First, the hardest part for me is having to tell our fans this upsetting news.

After giving some thought to it, I have decided to end my contract with the agency.

I thank Box Media, our members, and fans for helping me achieve my dream of being a singer.

I ways very happy thanks to all of our fans who deeply moved me and gave me generous love.

I would like to tell our [member] unnis that I’m thankful for their hard work in leading the maknae, who lacked in many ways.

I promise to proudly return to everyone as an improved version of myself.

Thank you for sending me so much love until now.

Below is Haena’s message:

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– 안녕하세요. 해나입니다. 오늘 9월 11일부로 4년간 함께한 박스미디어와 계약을 종료하게 되었습니다. 여러분들께 갑작스러운 소식을 전하게 되어 죄송합니다. 저희 마틸다 멤버들은 이제 각자의 길을 선택했지만 언제나 자매처럼 서로를 응원하고 이끌며 나아가기로 했습니다. 소중한 인연을 만들어주시고 지금까지 저희를 위해 힘써주셨던 박스미디어 대표님 외 모든 분들께도 감사의 말씀을 전하고 싶습니다. 그리고 언제나 마틸다를 기다려주시며 응원해주셨던 우리 화분에게 죄송하고 또 감사한 마음입니다. 비록 오늘은 좋지 않은 소식을 전달하지만 앞으로도 여전히 노래할 것이며 좋은 소식 들려드리기 위해 노력하는 해나가 될 것을 약속드립니다. 감사합니다.

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Hello. This is Haena.

As of September 11, my contract with Box Media, the agency I have been with for four years, has ended.

I apologize for suddenly announcing this news.

The members of Matilda have chosen to go our own ways, but we will always support and lead each other forward like sisters. I would also like to thank the Box Media’s CEO and everyone else who worked hard for us and allowed us to meet such precious people. I feel sorry and thankful for our fans who always waited for Matilda and cheered us on. Though I am announcing unhappy news today, I will continue to sing, and I promise to work hard to bring good news.

Matilda is a four-member group that debuted in March 2016 with “Macarena.” All four members appeared in KBS2’s idol reboot project “The Unit,” which came to an end in early 2018. The group’s latest release was “Between Fall and Winter” from November 2018.

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