Watch: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, And More Can’t Contain Their Laughter In Hilarious “Hotel Del Luna” Bloopers

tvN’s recently-concluded “Hotel Del Luna” has unveiled hilarious blooper footage that showcases the fun the cast got into behind the scenes!

The first clip compiles bloopers that feature the star-studded line-up of actors and celebrities that made special appearances in the drama. In a scene with Park Jin Joo, Yeo Jin Goo bursts into laughter after noticing the leg of a doll she threw down on the floor, exclaiming, “So scary!”

Lee Yi Kyung had a cameo as Bang Tae Woo, and he shyly introduced himself to the camera, saying, “I’m a king.” Although he played a charismatic noble in the drama, the actor was prone to giggles with even just the slightest glance at his co-stars.

Nam Da Reum entranced viewers as an etheral long-haired spirit in his guest appearance, but behind the scenes, the young actor was shown cutely struggling with his wig. The long locks made even the slightest motions uncomfortable, but Nam Da Reum powered through to show a handsome new side to himself.

Finally, the video shows Yeo Jin Goo and Sulli shooting a scene at a cafe. Sulli has a hard time perfecting her cup-dropping technique, and Yeo Jin Goo jokes, “At this rate, I’ll be showering.” Although he tries to assist Sulli, the seemingly simple task proves to be difficult for everyone.

The second video focuses more on Yeo Jin Goo and IU’s scenes together. While the pair show off flawless acting in “Hotel Del Luna,” some parts took a few tries to get right. Still, the cast brushed off mistakes with the best cure ⁠— laughter.

The scenes in which Ji Hyun Joong (played by Block B’s P.O) possesses the body of Goo Chan Sung made for some particularly amusing bloopers. At one point, Yeo Jin Goo is meant to faint on the couch after being slapped by IU, but he is unable to contain his smile and ends up creating a blooper, with the director calling out, “You can’t laugh!” IU worries that she hit her co-star too hard, and one crew member points out, “[Jin Goo’s] face is bright red!” making them both crack up.

One staple of “Hotel Del Luna” is IU’s extravagant outfits, but even the seasoned singer/actress is shown to struggle while walking in heels. For one scene in which Jang Man Wol struts across the lobby, her fierce pumps are ultimately swapped out for a pair of slippers, creating a cute secret touch.

Check out the clips below!

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