10 Feel-Good K-Pop Bops To Brighten Your Mood

We all have that one song that never fails to put us in a good mood. All it takes is one listen to a cheerful track with motivating lyrics to lift our spirits and chase away any lurking gloominess. Whether it’s a jolly song or a love confession, the happy vibes are so powerful that we can’t help but jam to it and even play it on repeat.

Here are 10 feel-good K-pop bops to give you the nudge you need to start your day right!

1. Block B – “Her”

Just like the title suggests, this one is for all the ladies out there and serves as a reminder that they are beautiful inside out. From the intro all the way to the chorus that also concludes the song, you can blast this hit while you’re getting ready for school/work and collect all the positivity you need to start your day right!

2. Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”

This fresh sound tells a cute love story themed red, and the lyrics are so catchy that they instantly make you want to sing along. This sweet song may not be particularly a feel-good track, but you can tell that happiness is written all over it!

3. EXO’s Xiumin & NCT’s Mark – “Young & Free”

Honestly, this collaboration should be an anthem for all generations. They say age is just a number, and it couldn’t be more true! If the message within the lyrics alone isn’t enough to help you loosen up, watching the suave MV will definitely do the trick!

4. (G)I-DLE – “Uh-Oh”

A retro style and an overdose of confidence? Yes, please! Every verse in this song is a nod to one’s true potential. When people doubt your abilities, listen to this melody and remember that you have what it takes to prove them wrong.

5. Sunmi – “Lalalay”

All hail the queen of self-empowering lyrics! Sunmi is known for including details about her personal life in her music, and her take on life matters is comforting. She always states that she is being unapologetically herself despite the noise in the background. You heard her, so be fly and embrace yourself!

6. B.A.P – “Feel So Good”

Who said love can’t make you feel good? The following track spells euphoria, and unless you’re a rock, there is no way your body won’t respond to the upbeat sound. Kiss your worries goodbye and let yourself be serenaded with this cute confession!

7. EXID – “I Feel Good”

The title says it all. When you’re in a festive mood, you know which track to play so you can sing along and dance all night long. If you’re thinking of throwing a party, this one will definitely hype up the crowd!

8.MAMAMOO – “Gogobebe”

You heard the ladies: put your charm on display mode and join the party! Leave everything that gives you a headache behind and just dance to the rhythm. By the end of this song, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to take on your next challenge in life!

9. GOT7 – “Just Right”

More self-love hymns coming your way! Sometimes, one can find themselves burdened trying to fit a certain image that society paints. Well, it’s time to draw the line and make your own image stand. Just like Jackson said in his verse, it doesn’t matter what the mirror and the scale show. You are perfect exactly the way you are!

10. BTS – “21st Century Girl”

Everything about this bop screams “feel-good.” Listening to this jam makes your self-confidence go through the roof and gives you a sense of serenity. One thing is certain: nothing beats the feeling of inner peace!

Which K-pop bop lifts your mood? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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