Rapper Hash Swan Begs People To Stop Harassing Him About Photo That Sparked BTS's Jungkook's Dating Rumors

Rapper Hash Swan has urged people not to harass him about the photo that led to BTS’s Jungkook’s dating rumors.

On September 16, a photo surfaced on an online community of a man that was alleged to be Jungkook hugging a woman from behind. The post immediately spread across the internet and sparked a flood of dating rumors about the BTS member. However, some people began speculating online that the man in the photo was Hash Swan and not Jungkook, as the original post had claimed.

Hash Swan then took to Instagram to clarify that he was not the man in the photo. The rapper posted the photo in question and wrote, “This isn’t me. I’m [saying this] because so many people are asking me about it.” Later, after receiving requests to remove the photo, he deleted his post.

On September 17, Hash Swan returned to Instagram to address the fact that people had been mocking him and his appearance in social media posts. After sharing several screenshots of such posts, the rapper wrote, “This is really disgusting. I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

He then posted a screenshot of a lengthy message in which he asked people to stop mentioning him in regards to the photo in question. In the caption, Hash Swan wrote, “It’s not certain what kind of situation the involved parties [in the photo] are currently in, and honestly, the two individuals involved in this, aside from me, haven’t done anything wrong. I’m begging you, please don’t cross the line.”

Hash Swan’s full post is as follows:

Let’s stop.
I don’t like these distorted reports.
I’m a person who makes music, and I don’t like that I’m being talked about for these kinds of reasons.

I saw it all:
People who cheered me on through hashtags,
People who felt sorry [for me] even though they hadn’t done anything wrong,
People who said, “Since things turned out this way, let’s just blame it all on him, hehe,”
People who said, “Oh, if it wasn’t [you], never mind,”
All the other people as well.
Truly, it seems like people lead their lives in so many different ways.

Thank you so much to the people who expressed that they were sorry by tagging my name on Twitter, as well as the people who cheered me on by sending me DMs on Instagram telling me to find strength and not to pay any attention [to the haters].
I’m trying to think of this [in a positive way,] as a chance for me to realize that there are more people who like and care about me than I thought.

I know that no matter what, as you say these things, there will be people who find a way to contemptuously make fun of and laugh at me for reasons that I can’t even imagine.
So let’s stop.
You guys go about your own business, and I’ll continue to make my music.
If, someday, you see me on the music sites you guys use, I hope you’ll at least be happy to see me.

I’m getting kind of exhausted.
Honestly, I really haven’t done anything wrong, hehehehe.
I’m mad at myself for getting mad.
So please, let’s just stop all of this.
All of us.

Big Hit Entertainment has since denied the dating rumors surrounding Jungkook in an official statement. The agency has also warned that it will be taking strong legal action against the invasion of Jungkook’s privacy and the spreading of false rumors.


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