8 Reasons Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé Keeps Stealing Our Hearts

It’s hard to pick just one BLACKPINK member as a favorite. Just when you’re decided on choosing the chic, fashionable Jennie; the fierce, captivating dancer Lisa; or the cute and absolutely stunning Jisoo — Rosé comes in singing with her angelic voice. While all of the girls are equally talented and worthy of all the love, here are a few reasons why we just can’t get enough of the group’s main vocalist:

She has a dreamy voice.

While this is no secret, Rosé keeps blowing audiences away with her singing ability — whether it’s through her awe-inspiring high notes or calming, soft tone. Her distinct vocal style has earned her the title of a “golden voice” in Korea, with fans saying that she has the ability to comfort, soothe, and make people happy with her singing. Several critics have also commended her live performances, where she can belt out high notes while busting out dance moves. What’s even more amazing is that she can perform a variety of styles, whether it be R&B, soul, alternative, or pop.

She is multi-talented.

There’s a reason why she placed first at a talent audition in Melbourne. At such a young age she showed huge potential as an artist, adding guitar and piano to her list of talents aside from singing. She can sing a cover like it’s her own song, all while playing instruments like a pro. This makes fans excited to see what other skills she can show next.

She is a charismatic dancer.

Aside from captivating audiences with her voice, Rosé always brings her A-game when it comes to dancing onstage. Complete with facial expressions and sleek dance moves, she definitely adds fire to BLACKPINK’s performances.

She also does the best hair flips while dancing.

Her shampoo commercial-worthy hair has so much life. She also looks gorgeous with her hair up in a bun!

She is a top model in the making.

With her height, stunning proportions, and confidence, Rosé has become a favorite subject and muse of many designers and magazines. She can pull off even the most high-fashion looks effortlessly. And just recently, she graced the cover of Dazed Korea with strong all-black looks that showed her fierce side.

She has a versatile personal fashion sense.

Many fans can relate to Rosé’s fashion choices because she can go from casual, cool, comfortable looks to feminine, dressy, and edgy looks. Off-camera, she rocks down-to-earth, friendly looks; while on camera, she switches it up with more trendy outfits.

She has a cute and funny personality.

Beyond appearances, Rosé is just like a friendly girl next door who loves to play jokes and engage in funny conversations. She has an all-around bright disposition that makes fans love her even more. She got the nickname “chipmunk” for her cute, cheeky facial expressions and childlike reactions!

She is all of us when it comes to food.

Who gets the most excited when there’s good food? Rosé has proven that she loves food more than life. Well, at least that’s what her reactions often show! She turns giddy and happy while eating, which is basically all of us. We’ll definitely tune in if she ever decides to open a mukbang channel, as she will surely liven up the mood and make us hungry with the way she looks like food is the most precious thing in the world to her.

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DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor and stylist based in South Korea. She has recently authored a book on K-pop style published by Skyhorse Publications, New York. Check out her book K-Pop Style and Instagram at @dianne_panda.

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