X1’s Kim Yo Han And Kim Woo Seok Take On Challenge Of Finding A Meal On “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”

X1’s Kim Yo Han and Kim Woo Seok appeared as guests on the September 18 episode of JTBC’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.”

Kim Yo Han and Kim Woo Seok paired off with Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu respectively to find a family to share a meal with in the Apgujeong neighborhood in Seoul. At one point in the episode, Kim Woo Seok mentioned to Kang Ho Dong that he’d met him on “Star King” before he was in X1.

Kang Ho Dong looked flustered and said, “Yes, you came on the show, right? Weren’t you with another team at the time?” Kim Woo Seok asked him teasingly if he remembered which group it was, and Kang Ho Dong said, “It’s not Uptown… UP10TION.”

Kim Yo Han and Kim Woo Seok were recognized by many people when they knocked on the door, but most of them had prior arrangements. (The rules of the show stipulate that the family cannot have already eaten and every person in the house must agree to be filmed.)

One family said to Kang Ho Dong and Kim Yo Han that they would push back their prior appointment in order to have them over to dinner, and the two celebrities politely refused. However, the family persuaded them to agree and Kim Yo Han and Kang Ho Dong were successful in getting a meal.

The daughter of the family said to her father, “[Kim Yo Han] is a really popular star nowadays. When I tell my friend about this, she’s going to faint.” The mother turned out to have a surprising connection to Lee Kyung Kyu, having met him before on another TV show while she was working at a traditional Korean clinic.

The mother used her skills to give Kim Yo Han a health checkup and said, “I think it would be good if your fans gifted you food that is easy to digest and isn’t heavy in oil or flour. You also need more rest. I think your agency should control your schedule so that you can get more sleep.” She then prepared a very healthy meal for her guests.

Kim Yo Han said later, “It hasn’t been that long since we debuted, so when I have time off, I sleep. Everything works out when I sleep. If I’m bad at dancing one day, I’ll sleep and it’ll be better the next day. The members joke, ‘Well, if it isn’t working today, let’s trust in the law of tomorrow.'”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Seok also found success at another family’s home. The mother said, “It’s been about three and a half years since we moved to Korea from New York.” The daughter was a fan of idol groups and said about Kim Woo Seok, “He’s good-looking and he sings well.” Kim Woo Seok bonded with her as they were both only children and he said, “I always wanted a sibling, particularly a younger sister.”

Both Kim Woo Seok and Kim Yo Han also performed “Flash” for their host families and gave them signed CDs.

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