Uee Warns Imposter Pretending To Be Her Father

Uee sent a stern warning to a man pretending to be her father.

On September 19, the actress posted screenshots of a direct message she received from the owner of a restaurant owner in Incheon.

The message said that a man made a no-show reservation at their restaurant for 20 people after stating he was Uee’s father. Uee’s father, Kim Sung Kap, was the coach for the South Korean professional baseball team SK.

According to the message, this man also borrowed money from the owner of a nearby sushi restaurant, and the restaurant owner added that a similar case also occurred in the Mapo district.

Uee wrote, “I’m posting something like this for the first time in hopes that something like this doesn’t happen again. My family is also very surprised. More than anything, I feel so upset and sorry to those who were wronged. Please…the person who’s pretending to be my father. Please stop. I hope you’ll personally go to repay the money and apologize. This is a crime.”

Uee then shared a selfie of her and her father. She added, “This handsome man is my father!”

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