Watch: BTOB’s Hyunsik Makes Solo Debut With Cosmic “Dear Love” MV

Updated October 14 KST:

BTOB’s Hyunsik has made his solo debut with mini album “RENDEZ-VOUS” and a music video for his title track “Dear Love”!

All songs in the album were composed and written by Hyunsik, including the title track. Hyunsik was inspired by the concept of quantum entanglement to write the lyrics for “Dear Love.”

Check out the space-themed music video below!

Updated October 11 KST:

Hyunsik released a second MV teaser for “Dear Love”!

Updated October 10 KST:

BTOB’s Hyunsik continues the space theme of his mini album teasers in an MV preview for “Dear Love”!

Updated October 8 KST:

BTOB’s Hyunsik shared an audio snippet for his mini album “Rendez-Vous”!

Updated October 6 KST:

BTOB’s Hyunsik has released a new set of teasers for his upcoming solo release!

Updated October 5 KST:

Hyunsik revealed more teaser photos for his first solo mini-album!

Updated October 4 KST:

Hyunsik shared two teaser photos for “Rendez-Vous”!

Updated October 2 KST:

Hyunsik revealed the track list for his first solo mini album “Rendez-Vous”!

As might be expected of the mastermind behind many of BTOB’s hits, Hyunsik has composed or co-composed all the tracks on his new mini album, and also written the lyrics for all the songs. The title track will be “Dear Love.”

Updated September 30 KST: 

Hyunsik has revealed the teaser schedule leading up to his solo album, “Rendez-Vous!”

Three concept images will be released through October 4-6 and two music video teasers will be unveiled on October 10-11. A track list will drop on October 2 and an audio snippet will be released on October 8. The album itself is slated for an October 14 release online and October 15 release offline.

Updated September 25 KST:

Hyunsik released a new teaser for his first solo album, “Rendez-Vous”!

Updated September 23 KST:

BTOB’s Hyunsik has shared a mysterious new teaser for his first solo album!

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Original Article:

BTOB’s Hyunsik will be releasing his first solo album!

On September 20, it was reported that Hyunsik is preparing to release a solo album in October. A source from Cube Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “It’s true that BTOB’s Hyunsik is preparing to release a new album as a solo artist,” and “He currently plans to release it in October.”

Hyunsik will be releasing his first solo album seven years after making his debut as a member of BTOB in 2012. Previously, BTOB took on a project in 2017 where each member released a solo single every month and Hyunsik releasing the music video for “SWIMMING” in July.

The BTOB member has already shown his musical versatility and talents through the group, having also participated in composing and writing lyrics for tracks like “Missing You” and “Only One For Me,” raising anticipation for the new side he will show as a solo artist.

Are you excited to hear what Hyunsik has planned for his first solo album?

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