LABOUM Shares Thoughts On 5th Anniversary, Composing Tracks For Latest Album, And More

LABOUM is back with their first-ever studio album!

All members took part in producing the songs in their comeback album “Two of Us.” In addition to the title track “Firework,” the album also features self-written solo tracks for each member. During a recent interview with SPOTV News, the LABOUM members took time to explain the process of pariticpating in the production of their first studio album.

Soyeon said, “We started working [on our self-written songs] when we started planning for a studio album. We had already written a few songs, but I think we still got ready pretty quickly. It’s not easy to include self-written songs in an album, and it’s amazing that we were each able to have a solo track. We are thankful for our company for giving us such an opportunity. It will allow us to show people that we really have talent.”

ZN added, “When the company told us to write our own tracks, I first thought, ‘How?’ Once I started, I was able to tell the story I wanted to tell without much trouble. I think the track came out nicely.”

The members also shared their thoughts on their 5th anniversary. Haein said, “I realized how quickly time flies by. I also think we grew a lot during the past five years. It still doesn’t feel real, but I think we still have a long way to go.”

They talked about the most memorable moment while promoting as LABOUM. Yoojung answered, “I personally have a lot of memorable moments, but [the most memorable memory was] when we participated in composing and writing for the first time and came up with a song for fans. When we performed the track at a music show, I felt proud.”

Haein said, “The time we promoted ‘Between Us’ is still a great memory to me. I had some difficult time, but I was able to forget about it while working on ‘Between Us.’ The song concept was also perfect for the members as we were able to show only the prettiest sides of ourselves.”

When asked if there is a moment they wish to go back to, Soyeon answered, “I was nervous during our debut stage at ‘M Countdown.’ I had to sing an ad-lib, but I didn’t get to do it successfully because of a stage effect that surprised me. I want to go back to that day and tell myself, ‘Soyeon, it’s really nothing. Just know in advance.'”

Solbin said, “I would want to go back to the end of the ‘Fresh Adventure’ era. I would tell us, ‘Go with a similar concept for the next comeback! Just push it!’ I wonder what would have happened had we done that. The results were great, and the track was also great.”

The LABOUM members concluded the interview by sharing their goals for the comeback. Haein said, “We will promote with passion. This album has a fierce title track, so we want to give an impressive performance. I hope you also enjoy our self-written songs.”

Check out the music video for LABOUM’s “Firework” here!

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