Watch: Kyla Opens YouTube Channel + Answers Questions About Her Hiatus, PRISTIN's Disbandment, And More

Former PRISTIN member Kyla has opened her own YouTube channel and did a question and answer session for her first video.

Kyla took questions from fans on Twitter through the hashtag “#TeaTimeWithKyla” and put them in a hat to randomly select them. Kyla answered a wide range of questions, ranging from personal ones such as “What is your favorite type of tea?” and “Favorite Spongebob episode?” to PRISTIN related questions such as “How many unreleased songs do PRISTIN have?” and “What was the most difficult part of living as nine people?”

She was very open about topics that fans have been curious about, such as how PRISTIN V was formed, whether the members keep in touch, and what happened to PRISTIN. Kyla said, “A lot of things happened behind the scenes, and we all came to the mutual agreement that it would be best if we all went our separate paths.” Kyla also talked about her hiatus, which many people have speculated about, and revealed that she had gotten a concussion while filming a music video, and both the doctors and Pledis Entertainment felt it was best if she recovered from her injury before resuming activities.

Kyla ended her video by saying, “You guys can speculate all you want, but ultimately, we all just thought that it would be best if we disbanded. Although it’s an unfortunate situation, we all take our best memories and our best experiences from PRISTIN. And we’re all so very grateful that it happened and we had all of these amazing experiences together, and I think that’s the most important part. It was a very positive experience all around, and I wouldn’t trade it for the word. So please don’t listen to any rumors or spin the tale anymore, because I have now told you the truth.”

Check out her full video below!

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