Celebs Who Give Off Different Vibes With And Without Bangs

Bangs are one of the key points of your hair that can make or break your image. Interestingly enough, those extra strands of hair covering your forehead are capable of giving you an entirely different vibe.

Here are some celebrities who look completely different with and without bangs:

Hash Swan

Hash Swan recently changed his hairstyle and received a positive response from fans. He dyed his hair brown and grew out his bangs, making him look both cuter and younger!



Jisoo is one of the celebrities who looks completely different with bangs! She looks sophisticated without bangs, but when wears bangs, she turns into a lovable sweetheart.

Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene usually reveals her forehead with a graceful, long hairstyle. When she gives her hairstyle a change by getting bangs, she looks even more refreshing and youthful.

TWICE’s Dahyun

Dahyun has always been cute, but she looks even more adorable with bangs. Her bangs make her eyes seem even bigger than they already are.

APRIL’s Naeun


Naeun is one of the celebrities who can perfectly pull off bangs. Fans are charmed by her appearance with bangs, and her lovable aura is emphasized with the hairstyle.

Jay Park

Jay Park is one of the male stars who gives off an entirely different look with bangs. Without bangs, his hair is usually gelled back, charming fans with his sexy charisma and bad boy vibe. Fans agree that he looks much younger and sweeter with bangs.


HyunA can pull off any hairstyle, but she looks absolutely fantastic with bangs! She’s one of the celebrities who can make bangs look both sexy and cute.

What other celebrities show off completely different looks with bangs?

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