Update: Fin.K.L Reunites To Perform Their Hits + Releases MV For 1st New Song In 14 Years

Updated September 23 KST:

Fin.K.L has now released a music video for their new song “Like the Song That Remains”!

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The Fin.K.L members have finally reunited on stage!

During the September 22 episode of JTBC’s “Camping Club,” Fin.K.L held a fan meeting event at a camping ground in Pocheon to meet their longtime fans, showcase their old songs, and perform a brand-new track.

The members first appeared on stage in elegant outfits to perform their debut track “Blue Rain.” After the girl group sang the track, the audience became emotional at seeing them introduce themselves just as they had done 21 years ago.

Lee Hyori commented, “I dressed elegantly while thinking about the past. Everything got a little messy when we were doing the sports events, but I got a touch up so I’m glad to greet you like this again.”

She continued, “It took such a long time to greet you all again. [‘Blue Rain’] is a song we sang 21 years ago, but it remains as a great memory to us. You might think that this was easy for us since we’ve done it before, but it was really difficult. There was no MR [Music Recorded] track, so it took a long time to produce it again.”

Ock Joo Hyun also talked about “Blue Rain,” saying, “I remember not really liking the track much. I had no confidence. As the years pass, I’ve come to think that it’s a really great song. After performing the song on stage again, feelings of gratitude are really surging up inside me.”

Fin.K.L took to the stage again to perform their other hit tracks “You’ll Never Know,” “Ruby,” and “To My Boyfriend.” Lee Hyori also sang a cover of Kang Asol’s “To You” after admitting that she had felt apologetic towards fans.

Finally, the members showcased their new track “Like the Song That Remains.” All four members participated in composing and writing the lyrics for the song, making it even more meaningful for the fans. When they finished performing the track, fans began to call for an encore. In response, the girl group sang “Eternal Love,” bringing the event to an end.

Check out the first episode of the show with English subtitles below!

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