Super Junior’s Heechul Chooses Smoking As His Biggest Regret + Asks Jung Joon Ha About Rumored Retirement

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul spent a fun day with Jung Joon Ha on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling”!

On the September 22 episode, Heechul headed to a set to film a no-smoking campaign as the promotional ambassador for anti-smoking.

Reflecting on his past habit, he said, “Smoking is the biggest thing I regret in my life.” At the studio, Kim Heechul’s mom told a story of the time she found his cigarettes. She and her husband disappointingly told Kim Heechul to take care of it on his own, and it has now been over 10 years since the idol quit smoking.

After filming, Heechul went to eat dinner at Jung Joon Ha’s restaurant which he goes to frequently. The two celebrities chatted over dinner and Kim Heechul suddenly asked, “Didn’t you retire from the entertainment industry?” With a startled laugh, Jung Joon Ha replied, “You’re acting up again.”

Heechul continued, “You know how we’re close with [comedian] Choi Koon. He called me concerned, saying, ‘I don’t think Joon Ha wants to promote in the entertainment industry. I’m not sure. He seems to be focused on his restaurant.’ So I said, ‘Is he retiring?’ and that might be how rumors spread.”

“Choi Koon suddenly came to my restaurant to film,” explained Jung Joon Ha. “He asked me what I’m going to do after ‘Infinite Challenge‘ ends. I thought that ‘Infinite Challenge’ would continue for a while, so I said, ‘Wouldn’t I retire by then?’ I didn’t know that ‘Infinite Challenge’ would end this early before I turned 50.”

Jung Joon Ha then revealed that he obtained a certification as a sommelier in traditional liquor, which he stated is given out to only six people a year. When Heechul didn’t believe him, Jung Joon Ha played a clip of him at the national traditional liquor sommelier competition.

Heechul joked, “You’re doing many good things after retiring.”

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