Watch: Fin.K.L Members Affectionately Call Their Husbands + Open Up About Group In “Camping Club” Preview

A special episode of “Camping Club” is headed our way!

On September 22, Fin.K.L’s reality show released a preview of next week’s episode which will be filled with behind-the-scenes footage.

The clip gives a glimpse of the upcoming director’s cut episode with the members preparing for the trip on their own terms including Lee Hyori dancing, Lee Jin shopping, and Sung Yuri surfing the web.

Lee Hyori asks her members, “Don’t you call your husbands? I miss [my husband],” followed by clips of each member’s lovey-dovey conversations with their husbands.

The members get more and more comfortable with one another, and the preview concludes with the members defining Fin.K.L. “Something that helped me step out into the world,” answers Ok Joo Hyun.

Sung Yuri states, “No matter where I am or how I look, I’m just Fin.K.L.” Lee Hyori asks the staff member what Lee Jin said, and Lee Jin sheds tears as she thinks about her answer and the group.

This director’s cut episode is set to air on September 29 at 9 p.m. KST.

Check out the preview below:

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