Kwon Sohyun Talks About Her Acting Career And Wanting To Perform With 4Minute

Kwon Sohyun shared her thoughts on her acting career!

In an interview with Star Today, Kwon Sohyun talked about her recent drama OCN’s “Mr. Temporary.” She shared, “I’m happy that [the drama] gained good results. There’s no talk of a second season, but I’m secretly hoping for it on the inside.”

On playing the role of a high school student after having graduated six years ago, Kwon Sohyun said, “Since there were actors I met in music shows in the past such as Byung Hun and Jun, nothing felt particularly different, so acting as a high school student wasn’t difficult. However, I felt awkward in the school uniform.”

Kwon Sohyun also talked about how Yoon Kyun Sang set a good mood during filming, helping her to feel comfortable while acting both bright and serious scenes. She added, “I called Yoon Kyun Sang sunbae, but he treated me comfortably saying, ‘You’re more the senior, so call me oppa rather than sunbae.'”

The actress also talked about her new nickname which was created to avoid confusion on set. Since Geum Sae Rok‘s character’s name was also So Hyun, Kwon Sohyun was called “JinSo,” meaning “real Sohyun,” and Geum Sae Rok was called “GaSo,” which was short for “fake So Hyun.”

Kwon Sohyun also talked about pursuing her dreams in acting, sharing that she had a desire to continue acting since she made her debut as a child actor back in 2003 through MBC’s “Jewel in the Palace.” She explained, “While promoting with 4Minute, the company said that each of the members should try [acting] in turn, but somehow I didn’t end up acting while promoting with 4Minute. I became an actress because I thought I should give my all for the things I want to do.”

When asked about taking on supporting roles rather than lead roles, Kwon Sohyun stated, “It’s so that I can [present myself] confidently,” explaining that she wanted to pass auditions and develop her skills while acting first.

The actress also talked about her perspective on life, saying “Before, other people’s perspectives were [my] focus. However, on the last day of my vacation, which I went to as if I were running away [from something], I realized that I needed to love myself and I needed to be the main focus of my life.” She added, “When I returned to Korea, reality didn’t change, but my mindset did. I’ve come to trust myself no matter what I do.”

Finally, Kwon Sohyun also talked about 4Minute. She shared, “I have a place where I gather all my fan letters at home, but the wine I stored along with it exploded, so I reread each of the letters while drying them one by one. Since they’re such precious handwritten letters, I was thankful, and it felt strange.” Kwon Sohyun mentioned how she was also thankful after meeting so many fans during her small fan meeting, saying she gained strength after seeing fans. She added, “If there was a wall before, now there’s no feeling of being distant.”

On performing as a group again, Kwon Sohyun said, “There are realistic problems, so I don’t know what will happen. If a good opportunity comes, I want to stand on stage again.” She added, “I had a lot of thoughts after seeing Fin.KL on ‘Camping Club.’ I thought it would be nice if a day could come when 4Minute can also stand on stage together again.”

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