Watch: EVERGLOW Takes 1st Ever Win With “Adios” On “The Show”; Performances By CLC, DreamCatcher, And More

EVERGLOW has won their first ever music show trophy!

On the September 24 episode of “The Show,” the nominees for first place were CLC’s “Devil,” EVERGLOW’s “Adios,” and DreamCatcher’s “Deja Vu.” EVERGLOW grabbed first with a total score of 7,861 to DreamCatcher’s 7,850 and CLC’s 4,621.

Watch their performance and win below!

Performances in this week’s episode were also by 3YE, ANS, Choa & Way, CLC, DreamCatcher, G-reyish, Ji Dong Kuk, Jung Dong Ha, K-Tigers Zero, LABOUM, RaNi, Rocket Punch, SATURDAY, TEEN TEEN, UZA & Shane, We Girls, and YJP.

Watch them below!

G-reyish – “Kkili Kkili”

K-Tigers Zero – “Side Kick (Prod. DJ Koo)”

ANS – “Boom Boom”

SATURDAY – “Bbyong”

We Girls – “Ride”

TEEN TEEN – “It’s On You”

RaNi – “Mongddang Mongddang”

3YE – “OOMM (Out of My Mind)”

Ji Dong Kuk – “The Way Back to You”

UZA & Shane – “X You”

Rocket Punch – “Love Is Over”

YJP – “Class”

Choa & Way – “My Universe”

DreamCatcher – “Deja Vu”

Jung Dong Ha – “What Is Love”

LABOUM – “Firework”

CLC – “Devil”

Congratulations to EVERGLOW!

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