Update: Don Mills’ Agency Issues Statement About His Sentence For Avoiding Military Enlistment

Updated September 26 KST: 

After it was revealed that rapper Don Mills had received a court sentence for trying to avoid active duty military service, his agency released an official statement.

It reads as follows:

Hello, this is Vismajor Company (VMC). First, we would like to apologize for delivering such unpleasant news.

In accordance with the revision of the military service law in September 2017, the Military Manpower Administration deployed a separate system to manage military service for popular culture artists and athletes. Because his enlistment was scheduled to take place soon, Don Mills was one of the celebrities targeted by that separate management.

Don Mills tried multiple times to defer his enlistment because he was planning some music promotions at the time. His requests were dismissed on the grounds that his reasons were insufficient for a deferral. Since Don Mills was overweight at the time, he attempted to defer his enlistment one last time by requesting another physical examination.

As we have previously stated, Don Mills was one of the targets for the separate management system. Because of this, his situation as described above became problematic and an investigation took place. Don Mills appealed to differentiate between deferring enlistment and simply trying to avoid military service, but as it was true that he tried to defer enlistment intentionally, he admitted to the charge and received a sentence from the court.

In 2018, Don Mills lost weight and enlisted as an active duty soldier. He is currently discharging his duties faithfully. As it is currently the training period, please understand that he cannot speak for himself on this matter at the moment.

We apologize for causing many people disappointment with this issue.

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Original Article: 

It has been revealed that rapper Don Mills was sentenced for purposely gaining weight to avoid active duty military enlistment.

According to a legal professional, Suwon District Court sentenced Don Mills to one year in prison which is suspended for two years for intentionally gaining weight before his military service physical examination in May 2018. This means that Don Mills will be in probation for two years, and will have to serve one year in prison if he violates the condition of the suspension during those two years.

Speaking about the sentence, the court said, “He damaged his body or tried to deceive with the purpose of being exempt from military service. We took into consideration that he was reflecting on his wrongdoings, he’s a first-time offender, and that he’s committed to serving in the military.”

Don Mills enlisted as an active duty soldier on October 8, 2018 and released a single titled “Time” before his enlistment. Don Mills appeared as a rap trainer on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2.”

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