9 Times EXO Members Were The Ultimate Memes

For those of you who are not familiar with EXO, you might recall them as charismatic, hardworking, and full-on serious. What you don’t know is that beneath their seriousness lie meme-worthy characters that are pure fun! Whether they’re intended or simply coincidental, these moments have become significant amongst the EXO-L fandom and give us all quite a laugh!

Here is, in no particular order, a selection of the most legendary EXO memes to exist. Enjoy!

1. When Suho went on full savage mode

During an episode of “Happy Together,” Suho couldn’t contain himself when young actress Kim Hwan Hee stated that EXO wasn’t her favorite group. His face already says it all, but the comments that followed are priceless!

2. When Sehun’s “Yehet” became a catchphrase

Apparently, Sehun screams “Yehet” whenever he’s happy. This expression was soon adopted by the rest of the fandom, and the video below shows just how addictive this special word can get!

Honorable mention: Sehun’s “Ohorat,” which means “Alright.”

3. When Chen did the “Baby Shark” dance

By now, everyone knows the “Baby shark” song and its cute dance. Chen too jumped on the bandwagon, and his dance moves are very entertaining to say the least. Watch for yourselves!

4. When Sehun’s “Shawty Imma Party Til The Sun Down” went viral

Who would’ve thought that Sehun’s first line from “Love Me Right” would get so much attention? This happened when the maknae‘s voice sort of cracked when he was performing his part live, and the EXO-Ls embraced it as yet another inside joke.

5. When Suho’s swagger shined through his English delivery

There is really nothing to add to this, the video clearly speaks for itself.

6. When Baekhyun unleashed Angrysoo

We all know D.O. has a bit of a temper, which explains his nicknames “Angrysoo” and “Satansoo.” On a live broadcast, Baekhyun successfully triggered D.O. by imitating him. This resulted in him throwing a very cute tantrum, much to our entertainment.

7. When Chanyeol’s “Chogiwa” became a thing

“Chogiwa” is in fact the very first line from an EXO song to go viral amongst the fandom. Serving as the first sung words from the song “Wolf,” the phrase actually means “I feel it coming.” Well, perhaps Chanyeol felt this surge of popularity coming thanks to this one-liner, and we completely understand why!

8. When Kai’s high-pitched laugh gained fame

If you think only EXO’s music rose in popularity, think again. Kai’s laugh is one of the most famous (and contagious) laughs in the industry. It only takes one listen to it to know why everyone is so obsessed with it!

9. When Xiumin garnered attention for his slick exit

Even when EXO members are serving in the military, they still (accidentally) provide us with the best variety content. This short clip of Xiumin’s sliding to the side did not go unnoticed and has now become a meme of its own.

Which EXO meme is your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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