Update: Stray Kids Gives Sneak Peek Of “Double Knot” Choreo With Teaser

Updated October 8 KST:

Stray Kids gave a new glimpse of their return with a dance practice teaser!

Updated October 7 KST:

Stray Kids has unveiled two new group teasers for “Double Knot”!

Updated October 6 KST:

Stray Kids has shared a new set of teaser photos for “Double Knot,” this time starring I.N, Woojin, and Changbin!

Updated October 5 KST:

Stray Kids released teaser images for Han, Felix, and Bang Chan!

Updated October 4 KST:

Stray Kids has now shared teaser images for “Double Knot” featuring members Seungmin, Hyunjin, and Lee Know!

Updated October 3 KST:

Stray Kids released a track list for their single “Double Knot”!

“Double Knot” is composed by 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) along with Nick Furlong and DallasK, while 3RACHA wrote the lyrics.

Updated October 2 KST:

Stray Kids revealed an MV teaser for “Double Knot”!

Updated October 1 KST:

Stray Kids released a prologue video for their return with “Double Knot”!

Updated September 30 KST: 

Stray Kids has shared more information on what’s ahead!

After releasing a mysterious trailer at midnight, JYP Entertainment revealed more details through a press release.

“Double Knot” is the title of a digital single that will be released on October 9, and Stray Kids will hold their first concert “District 9: Unlock” on November 23 and 24.

The agency has yet to reveal more details on “Astronaut” and “Clé : LEVANTER.”

Stay tuned for updates!

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Original Article:

At midnight on September 30 KST, Stray Kids dropped a trailer titled “The Final Piece 2019.”

The video takes viewers through a door engraved with the word “MIROH,” which leads to a mysterious red cube that opens to show two strands tied together. Another chained-up door opens to reveal a key, which shatters into pieces.

At the end of the video are a list of dates: “Double Knot” on October 9, “Astronaut” on November 9, the beginning of Stray Kids’ world tour “District 9: Unlock” on November 23 and 24, and “Clé : LEVANTER” on November 25.

As Stray Kids’ previous albums have been titled “Clé 1 : Miroh” and “Clé 2 : Yellow Wood,” “Clé : LEVANTER” is suspected to be the name of their upcoming comeback.

Check out the trailer below!

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