Watch: Chun Woo Hee, Ahn Jae Hong, And More Bid Farewell To “Melo Is My Nature” While Filming Final Scenes

JTBC’s “Melo Is My Nature” has released a new making-of video of the actors filming their final scenes!

Kim Myung Joon starts off by saying, “During this long time, we were very happy.” Lee Joo Bin adds, “We started filming in spring, but now it’s already early fall. I feel sad about letting go of this character and project because I’ve grown so fond of them.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji On comments that he’s learned and experienced many things while filming, sharing, “Filming was so much fun that I thought, ‘Is it okay to be this happy?'” Jeon Yeo Bin also shares that the set was filled with love, saying, “Don’t go!” to the viewers while thanking them.

Han Ji Eun also thanks the directors, staff, and actors, while Gong Myung adds, “I think we finished filming with a happy heart.” The two actors ask the viewers to look forward to their future projects.

Finally, Chun Woo Hee and Ahn Jae Hong share their thoughts on the drama. Chun Woo Hee says, “Our chemistry was so good that it was referred to as a ‘crazy chemistry,’ so we’ll treasure those times and work hard to greet [viewers] with our next projects.” Ahn Jae Hong also expresses his gratitude to the staff and actors who’ve worked hard until now. He tries to wrap up by saying, “Thank you for supporting ‘Melo Is My Nature’ until now…,” but he hilariously cuts himself off after he realizes they haven’t officially finished filming yet.

On the actual last day of filming, Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Bin, Han Ji Eun, and Yoon Ji On have a blast while dancing and taking selfies on set. Han Ji Eun can’t help but burst into tears about their final filming, and the other actors shower her with affection and comforting hugs. The four actors wrap up, talking about how natural their chemistry was on set and how happy they were while filming. Chun Woo Hee says, “We got along so well since the moment we first met,” and Yoon Ji On says he feels as if he gained three sisters.

The actors promise to keep in touch, showing off their close friendship.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

If you haven’t already, catch the finale of “Melo Is My Nature” below!

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