Watch: Lee Yoo Young And Lee Min Ki Face Dangerous Secrets In “The Lies Within” Highlight Video

OCN’s upcoming weekend drama “The Lies Within” has shared a new highlight video that heightens anticipation for the drama. Here are three things in the video that reflect what to anticipate in the story.

 Elaborate mystery

Kim Seo Hee (played by Lee Yoo Young) says, “The day my father died, my husband disappeared.” Jo Tae Sik (played by Lee Min Ki), the detective in charge of her father’s fatal car accident case, says, “At the time of the accident, the car was going at 122 kilometers an hour. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and there are no signs that he tried to use the brakes. He drove straight into the wall,” alluding that the death was a suicide.

However, Tae Sik begins to question everything and says, “What if someone else was on the scene, they would be the one who planned all of this, right?” On top of that, Seo Hee receives a text message from the culprit who says, “If you want to save your husband, you must become a member of the National Assembly,” and Tae Sik says the last person to see her husband was Seo Hee.

With many questions in the air, viewers will have to tune in to find out the hidden truth behind, “On the same day, one person died and another disappeared.”

Sensational cinematography

Along with the mystery, the cinematography can’t be ignored. “The Lies Within” is the first genre piece by director Lee Yoon Jung, who is known for her detailed direction.

The highlight video shows Tae Sik calmly chasing threads in the case while Seo Hee begins to despair and change. Along with them are a variety of individuals who don’t make it clear who is lying and who isn’t, and the tension they create will have viewers on the edge of their seat. The video is only five minutes, but it’s enough to raise anticipation for a captivating and sophisticated genre drama.

Lee Min Ki and Lee Yoo Young’s acting transformation

Playing Kim Seo Hee, a woman who becomes a member of the National Assembly in order to save her husband after the death of her father, and Jo Tae Sik, a detective who refuses to leave even one death unsolved, are Lee Yoo Young and Lee Min Ki.

Director Lee Yoon Jung described the unexpected but refreshing acting pair as, “Lee Yoo Young and Lee Min Ki were the actors who fit the characters of Kim Seo Hee and Jo Tae Sik the most.”

And the two actors are completely immersed in their roles. Lee Min Ki said, “Rather than trying to look cool, I’m focusing on letting go and just focusing on letting the character speak for himself,” while Lee Yoo Young said, “I’m staying true to the emotions Kim Seo Hee is feeling.” Both actors are set to show a brand new side of themselves through the drama.

“The Lies Within” will be the follow-up to “Strangers from Hell” and is set to premiere on October 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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