LABOUM Chooses Memorable Moments From Past 5 Years + Names Role Model And Favorite Junior Idols

LABOUM shared their thoughts in a new interview.

On October 2, BNT International released photos from the girl group’s pictorial. LABOUM made a comeback last month with their first studio album “Two of Us,” which consists of heartfelt self-produced songs by the members.

When congratulated on their fifth debut anniversary, LABOUM replied, “It doesn’t feel real. We only looked forward while promoting. Wanting to quickly show Lattes [LABOUM’s official fandom], we worked even harder to participate in the album. We always love you and want to be with you forever.” Solbin added, “Our fifth year anniversary felt real while filming a dance relay that included everything from our most recent track to our debut track.”

Sharing memorable stories from their five years of promotions, Yujeong and Solbin chose the time when their families surprised them at a past fan meeting. Because they weren’t able to see their families often during their rookie years, the agency prepared a moving camera prank that resulted in tears. Soyeon and ZN chose their debut stage, while Haein picked the time Lattes opened a photo exhibition filled with pictures of LABOUM. As for a fond memory from living together, they chose the times they enjoyed late-night snacks in their dorm.

Each member also revealed new things or concepts they want to try. Haein, ZN, and Solbin chose acting, while Soyeon stated she wants to consistently promote music through OSTs and musicals. Yujeong brought up the possibility of working as a voice actor or animation dubbing, and Haein added that she wants to try a concept that captures her age and natural appearance.

When asked about junior artists who have captured their attention, Haein named DreamCatcher and Yujeong named Oh My Girl. Choosing ITZY, Soyeon, ZN, and Solbin added, “Their stages are diverse and their performances are colorful.”

LABOUM experienced ups and downs during their promotions. In unison, the members chose the hiatus before “Between Us” promotions as their slump, which also served as a time of growth for the members. Yujeong explained that she overcame this period by constantly trying new things and that she received many certifications at the time.

As for their ideal types, Haein chose someone who has a pretty smile with dimples. Soyeon said someone sweet that suits her well, while Yujeong picked someone with a thoughtful, family-oriented personality. ZN prefers someone who does his job responsibly, and Solbin added, “A dependable person like my dad.” Speaking about what they might be doing if they weren’t celebrities, Haein said dancer. Soyeon stated practician in music, Yujeong replied barista, Solbin chose English teacher, and ZN guessed either a model or flight attendant.


LABOUM chose first generation girl group Fin.K.L as their role model and explained that they want to resemble how the members led great lives individually outside of their group promotions.

“We plan to continue to create our own performances in LABOUM’s own way,” concluded the girl group. “LABOUM is our everything and our youth.”

Check out more photos of LABOUM below:

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