BewhY Talks About “Target: Billboard—Kill Bill” And Not Getting Promised Collab With DJ Khaled As Winner

BewhY spoke about what happened to the hip hop survival show “Target: Billboard—Kill Bill.”

The program was promoted as a competition in which seven artists would vie for the chance to collaborate with a global artist and take on the Billboard charts. In November of last year, it was announced that DJ Khaled would be appearing on the show, collaborating with the winner, and helping them to advance into the U.S. market. At the time, DJ Khaled wrote on his social media account, “My nickname is ‘Billboard Billy.’ The ‘Kill Bill’ winner and I will take over Billboard, and I’ll be giving my full support for this.”

“Target: Billboard—Kill Bill” began in January 2019 and aired on MBC. It was hosted by Kim Jong Kook, and featured competitors Yang Dong Geun, Dok2, Jessi, San E, Cheetah, Rhythm Power, and BewhY.

However, fans of the show were left hanging in April when the finale was postponed—and it still has not aired. Back in June, it was reported that filming had come to a halt and that BewhY and Dok2 had gone to the United States but hadn’t been able to meet DJ Khaled. Therefore the show aired only 10 episodes of the planned 11 and the release of a collaboration with DJ Khaled essentially fell through.

On October 3, news outlet Star News shared an interview with BewhY in which he was asked about the show. “Ah, right,” he said with a sigh. “To be honest, I didn’t get anything from ‘Kill Bill.'”

BewhY talked about how he’d been told by the production team to go to Los Angeles, but he ended up having to return to Korea without getting to meet DJ Khaled. He said, “The producers weren’t able to uphold their contract.”

“At the time, I was on a business trip in Europe and I had enteritis,” he said. “So I was put on an IV drip in Europe and then the production team told me to come to the United States, so I did. However, I wasn’t able to meet DJ Khaled and I didn’t hear a reason for it. The producers still haven’t given me an answer on that and from what I can tell, even among the producers what they say doesn’t match up.”

Star News reports that as the winners of the show, BewhY and Dok2 still haven’t been able to receive the prize they were promised. A staff member of BewhY’s agency who was present for the interview said that it’s something they need to inquire about more deeply but haven’t been able to yet due to time constraints.

Back in June, network MBC and production company Kings Entertainment provided conflicting statements about the show to news outlets. A source from Kings Entertainment said, “DJ Khaled is currently very busy so it’s not easy to schedule it.” They said, “The 11th episode with DJ Khaled will air in June.”

A source from MBC responded by clarifying that a June broadcast for the finale hadn’t been decided upon either, and they also stated that they were only in charge of distribution and not production. They said they were doing their best to finish the show and were also looking into potential legal action in case it is necessary.

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