Watch: IU Interviews Jang Man Wol From “Hotel Del Luna” + Talks About Hotel Employees, Instagram, And More

IU got Jang Man Wol of tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna” to sit down with her for an exclusive interview!

On October 4, IU released a video in which she interviews herself as her character Jang Man Wol. During the interview, IU asked a series of questions to Jang Man Wol, including her real birth date, her thoughts while managing Hotel Del Luna, and more.

Jang Man Wol stated that while she does not remember the exact date she was born, she remembers that she was born in the year of the rooster. When asked how she stays so beautiful, Jang Man Wol answered, “I express my anger a lot, and I don’t suppress myself much. When I’m stressed, I relieve that stress to whoever is standing in front of me.”

Jang Man Wol also shared her life motto, which is “A customer with money is king.” When asked what she wishes to be reborn as, Jang Man Wol stated, “I would like to be serious in answering this question. If I were to be reborn, I would like to be able have a normal relationship with Goo Chan Sung [Yeo Jin Goo‘s character from the drama].”

Jang Man Wol was also asked to leave a few comments to the staff of Hotel Del Luna. She commented, “Hyun Joong [Block B’s P.O], don’t fight with Hyun Mi. Kim Sun Bi [Shin Jung Geun], stop lying around. Choi Seo Hee [Bae Hae Sun], live without suppressing yourself too much.”

When asked if she has any regrets from operating Hotel Del Luna, Jang Man Wol answered, “I regret the fact that I let Hwang Moon Suk [Hwang Young Hee] slip away.” However, while she was listing all the good things about her former employee, Jang Man Wol was distracted by the malfunctioning lights in the room, and she expressed her dissatisfaction with the way things were being run.

Jang Man Wol also left advice to the person who took over the hotel after her. She said, “Just like I said earlier, don’t care too much about money and don’t spend too much money on decorating yourself. Listen to every word your customers say carefully, and I hope you are a warmhearted CEO.” She also almost recommended hiring Kim Yuna (gugudan’s Mina), but she realized that she is no longer available.

Jang Man Wol was also asked about the future of her Instagram account. She shared, “I’m not a human, so I’m unable to run an Instagram account. I saw that it almost had over 900,000 followers, so I think I might upload something once it reaches 1 million followers.

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