Watch: (G)I-DLE Puts On Sultry Performance In 1st-Ever “Immortal Songs” Appearance

(G)I-DLE performed on “Immortal Songs” for the very first time!

On the October 5 episode of the KBS music variety show, guest performers U Sung Eun and Giant Pink, MAMAMOO, Yook Joong Wan Band, gugudan’s Nayoung and VERIVERY, (G)I-DLE, and Hoppipolla covered hit tracks by Koyote.

Before their performance, host Kim Tae Woo mentioned that (G)I-DLE already has many hit songs, despite only being in their second year of promotions. The girl group then performed a hit medley that included their songs “LATATA” and “Senorita.”

The MCs also discussed Soyeon’s producing and composing skills, praising her for writing the majority of the group’s songs. Host Moon Hee Jun asked her about the inspiration for “LATATA,” and Soyeon replied, “On ‘Gag Concert,’ comedian Song Joon Geun used to say [the catchphrase] ‘rata rata rata,’ and I began to start saying ‘lata.'” The hosts jokingly commented that it was not easy to find musical inspiration in the comedy show “Gag Concert” and continued to praise her.

Before their performance, (G)I-DLE shared their memories of Koyote from when they were kids. Yuqi recalled, “Koyote songs were really popular in China when I was in middle school. They were really popular in the arcades, where people played [‘Dance Dance Revolution’]. I played that game a lot as a kid, and it was only later when I ended up singing their songs [in Korea] that I realized I had been dancing to their songs back then.” Miyeon added that she had once gone to a fan signing event to get an autograph from Koyote’s Shinji when she was younger.

After revealing that they had prepared Koyote’s song “Sad Dream,” Soyeon remarked, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to receive praise for doing well, but we want to show a performance that will at least make people think, ‘Wow, they really worked hard while preparing.’ Although we are still lacking, we will work hard to show you what we’ve prepared!”

(G)I-DLE, the fifth artist to perform, impressed everyone with their sexy interpretation of “Sad Dream.” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa commented, “I could see the fierceness in their eyes while they were performing. I felt like I was watching my past self.”

Watch (G)I-DLE’s performance of “Sad Dream” below!

Check out the full episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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