GOT7’s Jinyoung And Baek A Yeon Talk About The Challenges Of Voice Acting For Animated Film

GOT7’s Jinyoung and Baek A Yeon have made their debuts as voice actors!

On October 5, director Lee Sung Kang of animation film “Princess Aya” and voice actors Jinyoung and Baek A Yeon attended the 24th Busan International Film Festival and participated in an event where they got to talk with the audience. “Princess Aya” is part of the panorama section at the 24th Busan International Film Festival.

“Princess Aya” is set in ancient Asia and tells the story of princess Aya (voiced by Baek A Yeon) who has a curse that transforms her into animals. When her kingdom is under siege, the king sets up her arranged marriage with prince Bari of Vatar (voiced by Jinyoung).

Baek A Yeon shared, “Since I have no experience in acting, I initially wondered if I should just focus on my voice. However, it isn’t quite like that. To portray Aya’s emotions, I had to act to the point where I was making faces much more dramatic than I would normally. It made me realize that nothing is easy to do.”

She continued, “The film came out beautifully. I won’t forget this opportunity and will continue to treasure it. Ever since I was young, I thought a lot about how I wanted to become a bird. I wanted to feel the freedom of flying on my own, instead of on a plane. That’s why I had so much fun becoming Aya and flying around like a bird.”

On his first attempt at voice acting, Jinyoung shared, “Since I could only use my voice to express [the lines], I thought a lot about what I can do to convey emotions only through sound. I think that was the hardest part.”

He added, “In the past, I would just watch [cartoons] for fun, but after trying out voice acting, I realized that being a voice actor is really incredible. Evoking emotions and conveying the lines with just your voice is not something that is easily done. The project made me feel a lot of respect for voice actors. I would like to try voice acting again, but as I am lacking, I hope there will be more opportunities for other voice actors to participate in many animations and receive lots of love. Creating an animated film does not take a short time. I would like to give a round of applause to those who make them.”

Jinyoung also picked a focal point of the film. He explained, “I think the focal point of our film is music and the musical elements. The lyrics compliment the storyline and characters. I hope viewers will feel the emotions that are portrayed not just as lines, but as songs.”

He continued, “Doesn’t music make a lot of things last in your memory? I think it’s like a scent that reminds you of certain things from that time. This will help you understand the film a little better.”

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