10 Songs To Listen To When You Miss EXO’s D.O.

With EXO’s D.O. not due to be discharged from his military service for a while yet, it’s natural to miss his smooth vocals. Below are 10 songs to listen to when you’re missing his velvet voice.

1. Yoo Young Jin x D.O. – “Tell Me (What Is Love)”

Let’s start off with a classic. D.O.’s vocals here are second to none and blend perfectly with Yoo Young Jin’s. You could also check out the live performance here, if you want a D.O.-only version.

2. EXO – “Moonlight”

You won’t want to stop, stop, stop, stop listening to this one. This mystical ballad showcases D.O.’s rich voice to the max!

3. “Crying Out” (“Cart” OST)

Released for his film debut “Cart”, D.O.’s powerful vocals match this ballad’s sombre tone. His enchanting song is sure to resonate.

4. “That’s Okay”

Not only do D.O.’s dulcet tones soothe your ears, the comforting lyrics for “That’s Okay” will soothe your soul.

5. EXO – “Sing For You”

Soft guitar, perfect harmonies, what more could you want? D.O.’s intense voice complements the style completely.

6. EXO – “Baby Don’t Cry”

If you’re feeling nostalgic for baby EXO, and more importantly, D.O.’s red hair, look no further. It’s hard not to cry over his performance in this stunning version.

7. EXO – “Sabor a Mi” (original by Luis Miguel)

This track proves that D.O. sounds perfect in any language. His opening vocals are nothing short of flawless.

8. EXO – “Miracles in December”

“Miracles in December” is the perfect frosty song to prepare for Christmas. A timeless EXO ballad, D.O.’s vocals are sure to warm you up.

9. EXO’s Chen and D.O. – “The Last Time” (original by Eric Benet)

There’s no denying that D.O. can sing, but this cover of “The Last Time” really shows his talent. Check out 02:09 to hear his powerful expertise.

10. EXO – “Stronger”

“Stronger” is the final track on EXO’s third studio album “Ex’Act,” and D.O.’s silky crooning rounds off the album entirely. Check out 01:57 to hear his compelling voice!

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