10 Outfits That Remind Us BTS’s Jimin Is A True Fashion Icon

If we were to make a list about all the things BTS’s Jimin does right, we would be talking here for eternity. Talented dancer, singer, rapper, an incredible friend, funny, charismatic, owner of the biggest heart in existence… the list goes on and on, but the talent we’re here to praise today is his incredible sense of fashion. Is there really anything out there Jimin can’t pull off? Don’t think so. From minimal outfits to statement pieces, layering and cute looks, he has the ability to play around with different styles and make them his own. There are hundreds of outfits Jimin has worn that we’ll never forget, but here we gathered 10 of the most iconic ones.

Statement vest

Straight-from-an-elite-high-school vibes here. A simple black-pants-white-shirt outfit turned into fashion perfection with a statement Gucci vest and of course, Gucci loafers. Jimin knows how to put together multifaceted outfits, and this is one of them. Casual yet elegant, chic and modern. A combo for the win we’ll never forget.

Plaid all over

There are two things Jimin loves passionately when talking fashion: plaids and oversized pieces. Well, it seems like for this outfit he found both. This asymmetrical shirt was all he needed in order to pull off an outfit that’s both extremely fashionable yet simple.

*THE* half jacket

What an iconic and unforgettable moment. The half-jacket Jimin wore during a stage at “MCountdown” became a fashion statement in matter of hours and served as inspiration for many to play around with their jackets and cut them in half. Not sure if anyone out there can pull it off as good as Jimin does though.

Black on black on black

Prince vibes on point. The grey locks, the hair style, the simple accessories, and the whole black outfit. A simple look that we all just love too much as to be able to ever forget about it. Jimin has the ability to looking stunning while not making any effort, and this look is an example of that.

Lovely, lovely, lovely

If there’s something incredible about Jimin, it is his duality. He can go from fierce to cute in the blink of an eye, and this look is proof of that sweet side of him. From the green hat to the statement shirt, everything about this screams lovely, lovely, lovely.

Gucci king

Can you believe the guy in the photos above is the same guy in these ones below? Just the duality I was talking about. This all-Gucci outfit Jimin wore while on tour blew everyone’s minds and with good reason. The leather, the embroidered jewels, the hair, the Gucci logo… it’s all a lot to take in, and we’re here for it.

Every day is Spring Day

“Spring Day” holds a special spot in everyone’s heart, and so does this outfit Jimin wore during the promotions for the song. Did you know this shirt sold out in matter of hours after Jimin showed up in it? Fashion icon power.

Cloudy puff

I’m not saying I got a cloudy puffer right after I saw Jimin wearing this one, but maybe that’s exactly what I’m saying. Jimin knows how to dress comfortably and in-style at the same time, and this outfit is proof of it. Comfy but still high-end and making a statement, he could go straight from here to the runway.

Jimin 101

In my honest opinion, this look describes Jimin’s style in a nutshell. Layers, fun accessories, plaids, leather, simplicity… the whole Jimin-fashion package right here in front of our eyes.

Denim on denim

Another one for the books. Only Jimin can accomplish looking dreamy and out of a contemporary Disney movie while wearing denim over denim. From his hair to the sunglasses, to the turtleneck and the co-ord set, this is what I like to call fashion perfection.

To be honest, every outfit Jimin wears is iconic, do you agree? Which one is your absolute favorite, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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